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A Scream Print for Halloween!

Tuesday in Cincinnati: Bissette Lecture/Workshops, CARTOON COLLEGE Cincinnati Area Premiere!

Jump Into the Swamp!

The Dead & The Civil Dead Friday Flicker Flashbacks! * “There’s no place to hide when THE DEAD ARE ALIVE!“ With one of the coolest—but most senseless—one-sheet horror posters of the 1970s, Armando Crispini‘s L’ETRUSCO UCCIDE ANCORA / THE DEAD ARE ALIVE (1972) has long eluded me (it never played anywhere near me during its [...]

Expressions, Ideas, & Stan Lee Stan’s Ideas; Steve’s Expression (Even Sans Stan) This continues a serialized essay I launched last week. If you’re new to the blog, or just tuning in today, here you go: ”Digging Ditko,” Part 1 ”Digging Ditko,” Part 2 and “Digging Ditko,” Part 3 Continuing: They were a little daunting, a [...]