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A Modest Proposal, Part 2 Potshots & The Mysterious Guest I didn’t originally intend to spill Monday‘s post further into the week, but I must. Here’s the Nancy A. Collins “modest proposal” I shared on Monday, with links to current articles providing background on the case history, and my own comments and my “modest proposal” [...]

Of Dragons & DragonCon There Are All Kinds of Monsters… This modest proposal went out last week on Facebook from my good friend (and fellow Swamp Thing creator/contributor) Nancy A. Collins. I’m sharing it here, with Nancy‘s kind permission; please, spread the word: “I don’t know about you, but I’ve decided enough is enough. Everyone [...]

Shipping Swamp Muck & Stuff Continues…

B&W Horrors & The Bog Brood Already En Route to Their New Homes… * A hearty and heartfelt recommendation for Richard Arndt‘s new book, Horror Comics in Black and White: A History and Catalog, 1964-2004 (2013, McFarland). I’m not sure how to put this politely, so I’ll just come out a say it: this is [...]

Star Godzilla & Swamp Mugshots Busting A Hong Kong Gojira Rip & More Inky Stink I’ve been really savoring Tim Paxton & Brian Harris‘s new fanzine Weng’s Chop #2, which sports Jolyon Yate‘s tantalizing article “Thai Kaiju: A Sketchy Introduction to Giant Monsters in Thai Cinema” (pp. 30-33), which has given me (pardon my French) [...]