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Green Screens & Mr. Lee It’s Not Stan Lee This Time—It’s Ang Lee! Facebook blossomed green profile pics all day Monday and Tuesday. Why? “…the “green screen profile” is a show of support to the VFX community in the wake of the Rhythm & Hues/Life of Pi situation.” Among the many who shared the solidarity [...]

Binder Blood & Thunder Overlooked & Underrated: The Binder/Grandenetti 1960s Horrors For Monsters Only Remain Beneath the Radar The following installment is the fourth concerning the long-overlooked and forgotten “The Secret Files of Marc Vangoro” horror comics stories published in Cracked’s For Monsters Only #6, 7, and 8 (1968-1969), scripted by Otto Binder and illustrated [...]

Monsters, Rev Your Engines! The Pre-Binder/Grandenetti Dragula Revealed Friday followup to my four-part essay on Jerry Grandenetti‘s forgotten For Monsters Only horror comics, which were most likely written by Otto Binder (more on that next week)… * Devlin Thompson posted in the comments to the “Vampire ’69″ strip from For Monsters Only and Patrick Ford [...]

Heap Horrors My Worst Pro Comic Book Cover After Theodore Sturgeon‘s “It,” but before Swamp Thing or Man-Thing, there was The Heap… I just finished two Heap paintings I’m pretty happy with (and, more importantly, the publisher is happy with). One of them will appear as a cover later this year; more on that once [...]

Primordial Paleo Plops Vintage Bissette—uh, Dino Scat Circa 1977, right around this time of year—one of my first DuoShade experiments at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Inc. ©1977, 2013 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved. Creaky li’l Bissette Tyrannosaurus rex etching experiment, circa 1989 or so, diddlin’ around at Mark Bode‘s [...]