Hungary for More Apes?

A Peek at a Rare Planet of the Apes Comic Adaptation from 1980!

Compliments of pop culture and Ray Harryhausen fan/archivist/scholar Péter Kollárik (who sent me these scans, and permission to share some of them here with you today) comes a real rarity for Planet of the Apes lovers: an exquisite Hungarian comic book adaptation “by Hungary’s best comic book artist, the late ERNŐ ZÓRÁD from 1980.”

Péter adds that it “has nothing to do with the movie: it is based on the French novel,” Pierre Boulle’s La Planète Des Singes / Planet of the Apes (1963).

  • I wrote earlier this winter about some of my favorite Planet of the Apes pop cultural curios, including the various 1950s DC Comics and Jack Kirby precursors to Pierre Boulle‘s novel and the 1968 film classic,
  • and I’ll be writing later this week about Rich Handley‘s brand-new (and quite marvelous) book and a great Australian Planet of the Apes zine that was sent to me. I’ll share more of the art Péter sent me from this 1980 adaptation then, too.

    But in the meantime: enjoy!

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    1. Rich Handley

      Thanks for the book plug, Steve! I look forward to reading your comments about it. :)

      Just so fans know, the Hungarian comic is available in translated form at Hunter’s Planet of the Apes site:

      Rich Handley

    2. Peter Urkowitz

      Some gorgeous panel layouts there! I love how the panels borders echo the shapes of the objects pictured, like the doorway-shaped panel on the first page, and the stage and table on either side of the round panel on the last page!

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