Man-Thing® and ©Marvel Comics Group, Inc.; Swamp Thing® and ©DC Entertainment Inc/DC Comics, Inc.; artwork ©2002, 2010 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved.

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  1. Rich Handley

    Now THAT’s a team-up that SHOULD have happened.

  2. Jesse Herndon

    Awesome. Brings to mind, “Just one more THING and then I’ll let you go”.

  3. Mark Masztal

    I love you man…

  4. canto

    Heh, the Amalgam comics version would have been either “Swamp Man” or “Thing Thing.”

  5. fernando ramirez

    Seeing the sketch above, which is phenomenal BTW, I noticed a certain ‘warmth’ you always give Swamp Thing. It’s something in his eyes… and going back to some of the older sketches… its present whenever you draw him. I’d like you to know that I now consider you the definitive ST artist… you have surpassed Bernie in my eyes.

  6. Christianne Benedict

    Hah! It looks like they’ve been out on a bender.

  7. srbissette

    Gulpin’ the good gumbo!

  8. srbissette

    …or should I say, grog ‘n’ gumbo?

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