1st VT Cartoonist Laureate!

All Hail, James Kochalka!

I’ve been sitting on this news until I knew it was official and had been announced: Vermont now has its first-ever Cartoonist Laureate!

Congratulations to James Kochalka, first-ever Continental United States Cartoonist Laureate!

James, per usual, took this news with paternal grace and aplomb:

  • Read!
  • (And Hear!)
  • All About It!
  • _____

    “Laureate” © and TM James Kochalka, all rights reserved.


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    1. Mark Oakley

      Awright, James!

      My girlfriend and I read your dailies regularly, and we love this strip especially.

      It’s wonderful to see this happen to such a deserving and earnest creator!

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