Blood Rare! Drive-In Movie Book Sale Exclusive!

Today—for the second time this week—I’m offering a real movie tie-in paperback rarity—in fact, I defy you to even find another copy anywhere!!!

As work resumes on summer book projects, you can support my efforts by one of the rare SpiderBaby Archives movie tie-in paperbacks (all second copies) I’m offering at bargain prices. And yes, even this high-ticket item is a bargain. I’ll be posting new sketches for sale later in June, alternating with other Archive curios.

I’m continuing this sale with an uber-rare clean, tight, very good-to-fine condition copy of the infamous Herschell Gordon Lewis novelization of the David Friedman/Herschell Gordon Lewis “blood trilogy” final entry splatter classic Color Me Blood Red (1964)!

This is super-rare, and I’ve only ever seen two copies in my entire life (both of which I snapped up). I’m selling the better condition copy out of my collection because, well, the beat copy was something I had Herschell Gordon Lewis and David Friedman sign and personalize to me, together, at their Chillercon appearance in New Jersey in the 1980s. I can’t part with that one!

So, lucky somebody, my almost-mint copy may find a new home instead.

This copy is tight, clean, and complete (Novel Books, 1964) and damn near pristine; scans shown here are from the actual sale copy. The binding has no fading whatsoever, nor do the covers: the “blood red” titles are as red as they were the day the book was printed! There is a very slight crinkle seam down the length of the finding, but there’s absolutely no splitting and this is a very good to fine condition copy, at least. No noticeable wear to the front or back covers, absolutely no damage. Interior pages: save for a green-ink stamp of “The Book Nook” on the bottom of page 1, there are no other marks, white pages throughout, and they are absolutely clean—the very slight discoloration of the pages due to age is almost invisible. Other than that “Book Nook” ink stamp on page one, this is a cherry collectible!

I’m offering it to the first interested collector for only $200.00 plus shipping—first to email me at claiming it and ready to pay via Paypal, it’s yours!

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  1. Mark Nelson

    Wow. I had no idea that there were ever Lewis/Friedman novelizations.

  2. srbissette

    There were at least four, Mark, for the “blood” films, and maybe others—I have MOONSHINE MOUNTAIN on my shelf, too. FantaCo Enterprises did handsome, authorized reprints of BLOOD FEAST and 2000 MANIACS, back in 1988—get ‘em while you can:—highly recommended!

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