Lovecraft “Floodraiser” Pix

Shots from the October 20th Lovecraft/Citro/Whisperer Main Street Museum Event

Followup to the Floodraiser:
Event organizer/coordinator Jen Vaughn graced me yesterday with Rachel Foss‘s excellent photos from

  • the October 20th Main Street Museum “Floodraiser” event, featuring Joseph A. Citro & yours truly lecturing and the Vermont State Premiere of The Whisperer in Darkness, compliments of its producers at the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.
  • These photos are all ©2011 Rachel Foss and the Main Street Museum, and are posted here with permission.

    Below, too, is my letter to our local newspaper, The Valley News, which they published last week.

    The First Event: Silent Auction

    As we were gathering items for the silent auction, Jen Vaughn sent a surprise email reading in part, “…AWESOME! This perfume and oils company, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, is sending us a set of the LOVECRAFT inspired scents. …Miskatonic University (smells like dusty old tomes and coffee or to me, chocolate chip cookies).” Here’s Jen personally providing a potential bidder with a whiff of one of the scents; special thanks to Kathy Flynn at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for their very kind and generous donation;

  • here’s their page of Lovecraftian scents and perfumes. Breath deep!
  • David Fairbanks Ford (center) gifted all the kind donators to/participants in the evening’s first event with special vials of genuine 1927 Flood silt from the Main Street Museum collections, prepared as decorative necklaces. Take some of the 1927 flood home with you!

    The Second Event: Conversation & Lectures

    Here’s some of Rachel‘s snapshots from the evening’s intimate conversations and scheduled lectures. Special thanks to the hospitality and food provided by David Briggs and the Hotel Coolidge; what a host!

    Survivors of the 2011 Brattleboro, VT flooding made the long drive up to White River Junction for the event, enjoying the fine conversation, food and beverage, and (below) a screening of 1927 Vermont flood footage.

    The pre-lecture conversations afforded some lucky folks time to chat with our special guest Joseph A. Citro (above) while far less fortunate guests were plagued by my odious, interminable conversational banalities (below).

    The Lectures:

    Main Street Museum proprietor/curator David Fairbanks Ford profusely thanked the community for its extraordinary support from the moment Hurricane Irene hit to today, with special thanks to everyone in attendance for their kind donations and for coming out for this one-of-a-kind event. He then introduced the speakers…

    Joseph A. Citro spoke about his personal experiences as a Lovecraft reader (and Lovecraftian writer), and more;

  • Joe has kindly shared his full lecture at his blog; click this link to read “Being a transcript of an introductory presentation at the Vermont Premier or WHISPER IN DARKNESS (10-20-2011) as a benefit for the Main Street Museum in response to flood damage from tropical Storm Irene (aka The 2011 Flood),” to be read aloud with as gravy-like a Vermont accent as you can possibly muster.
  • Enjoy!

    Joe‘s stellar talk was followed by more inanities blathered by yours truly, blessedly interrupted by film clips and trailers of a variety of Lovecraft film adaptations.

    We then adjourned to the screening room for the main event: the Vermont State Premiere of The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society‘s new feature film, The Whisperer in Darkness!

    All photos ©2011 Rachel Foss; all rights reserved. Posted with permission.

    More photos on Monday; the best of them will be archived at

  • the “Floodraiser” event page here at Myrant.
  • Jen and I are also sending a set of Rachel‘s photos to the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, for their own use.

    And now, that letter to the editor of The Valley News

    To the Editor,

    I want to publicly thank an extraordinary organization of creative individuals who’ve gone above and beyond since the August flooding of White River Junction, Vermont. Though they live in California, they feel such a connection to our home state that they have generously graced this week’s October 20th Main Street Museum fundraiser at the Hotel Coolidge in ways that will continue to reward and enrich the community for years to come.

    I approached the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society to suggest a fundraiser VT state premiere of their new feature film “The Whisperer in Darkness”—based on the 1931 Lovecraft short story, drawn from his 1928 visit to Guilford VT writer Vrest Orton—and they responded with startling generosity. Not only did they grant permission to exhibit their new film (set and partially shot in VT), but they donated signed scripts, posters, props from the movie, and the original miniatures constructed for the film. These detailed models of the Townshend, VT landscapes Lovecraft imagined are remarkable, as is the miniature of an actual Spofford, NH barn that appears in the film.

    Some of these items will find new homes via the October 20th silent auctions; some will remain on permanent display in the Main Street Museum, making White River Junction a destination point for Lovecraft readers, fans, researchers and scholars from around the world.

    For this, I wish to publicly thank the HPLHS and “The Whisperer in Darkness” producers/creative partners Andrew Leman, Sean Branney, Michael Dager, and Chris Lackey.

    Thanks, too, to VT author/folklorist Joseph A. Citro for agreeing to lecture at the October 20th event, and to our sponsors: David Briggs (Hotel Coolidge), Michelle Ollie (the Center for Cartoon Studies), Nora Jacobson (WRIF), CCS alumnus Jen Vaughn, and all the CCSers who donated artwork to the event chapbooks and auction.

    The non-profit Main Street Museum has been a constant supporter of CCS and the community, and the community has responded in kind throughout the flood ordeal. But the overwhelming generosity of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society has been an unexpected windfall; our heartfelt thanks!

    Stephen R. Bissette
    The writer is an instructor at the Center for Cartoon Studies

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    1. Mike Dobbs

      A) Wish I could have been there and had the dough to spend.
      B) You actually sort of dressed up a bit.
      C) Finally you admit you blather on!
      D) You and Joe did a great thing

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