Tyrant T! NOW ON SALE!!!

NOW AVAILABLE: At last, our 2011 and early 2012 work with Cat Garza, Jr. and the good folks at World of Strange has born fruit: these tasty Tyrant tops!

The first harvest of Bissette art t-shirts are now available—including this S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant® t-shirt design, and another—and they’re fantastic.

World of Strange is, as of today, offering the first three of the four completed designs.

  • Here’s the dedicated web page for my t-shirt designs at World of Strange, with all the current specs and ordering information;
  • please note that these t-shirts are exclusively available from World of Strange. I will not be selling them from Myrant, so place your order with World of Strange, please, and thank you!

    World of Strange will also offer the Bissette art t-shirts at their upcoming convention appearances in 2012 and beyond!

    Note the current sizes/colors; soon, more will be available, along with the fourth design and all four designs will soon be available in Youth and Women’s sizes, too.

    Spread the link, and the news!

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    1. booz

      another classic with bissettes market tee

    2. BobH

      Looks good, and there are some other nice comic book artists with t-shirt designs up there. And thanks for dealing with a seller that has a reasonable shipping price to Canada (I always hate it when I’m thinking of buying something and the shipping effectively doubles the price). I’ll probably order the Tyrant one in a few weeks.

    3. tOkKa

      –>> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#@$#$%$^%^&%&

      ~ t

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