Killer Komix & Klowns Konquer Keene!

Join Us for the August 11th Keene Komix & Killer Klown Konquest

It’s the Monday Myrant ‘Light’ Edition. First, this breaking news:

Mark this date on your calendar:

August 11th, 2012—and conspire as to how you’ll get yourself to Keene, New Hampshire that Saturday for a wild afternoon Comic Boom Killer Kreator Kon comics event and an evening in the Colonial Theatre with the KILLER KLOWNS!

First! Join Denis St. John (Monsters & Girls, Amelia), Charles Forsman (Snake Oil, The End of the Fucking World, etc.), Melissa Mendes (Freddie, Lou, etc.), and yours truly Steve Bissette (Swamp Thing, Tyrant, Spongebob!) at Keene‘s own Comic Boom for the afternoon!

We’ll be joined by fellow cartoonists and creators (TBA), selling comics, minicomics, graphic novels, prints, sketches, and who-knows-what-else, with a Bissette original Killer Klown sketch up for raffle to some lucky in-store visitor! We’ll be making this the closest thing to a mini-con Keene has seen in years!

Then! Join some of us right around the corner from Comic Boom that evening, for the incredible Colonial Theatre Spooktacular VII featuring a one-of-a-kind 35mm showing on the big screen of the Chiodo Brothers‘s classic KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE!

Here’s the details:

More info and details to follow!

Out of the Swamps, Into the—Sponge?

So, even if you’re new to Myrant, you may have heard by now I stepped out of retirement from the American comics industry to

 Now I can be cited as Steve (SWAMP THING, TYRANT, SPONGEBOB) Bissette!

Then again, my old collaborative work has been getting some buzz online of late, too.

It was cool being steered to this by Benjamin Bayliss:

 But more people than I can possibly name rushed on Facebook to alert me to

 Ah, well—back to retirement!


Paleo Pop: Gorgo’s Mom v Elizabeth Tower?

No, No, It Just Doesn’t Have a Ring to It…

At the end of June, a London landmark was renamed.

So, if I ever do get around to drawing that “remake” of GORGO, I’ll now have to have Gorgo’s Mom knocking over Elizabeth Tower?

Well, this ensures that when monster matriarchal monarchs march, the bells are gonna chime!

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