Jack Kirby’s Birthday Bash

Celebrating What-Would-Have-Been Jack’s 95th

Intermission: With a mission.

Posted on Facebook by “Remembering Jack Kirby”, captioned: “Long Island, 1950. Rosalind and Jack Kirby with their children, Neal (2) and Susan (6).” Image ©1950, 2012 Neal and Susan Kirby.

I held off posting my usual Monday Myrant because, well, today would have been Jack Kirby‘s 95th birthday.

Jim McLauchlin and the Hero Initiative teamed up with the Kirby family—Jack Kirby‘s family, that is—to celebrate what would have been Jack‘s 95th birthday today.

I did my drawing first thing this morning. What am I talking about?

I received an email from Neal and Connie Kirby, spelling out the plan:

“Our daughter Jillian decided to make HI a fund raising project for the summer. She put together an entire campaign, which she called Kirby4Heroes. Basically, she contacted comic book stores all over California (and MidTown Comics in Manhattan), and many art and science museums across the country, by mail, email and in person and enlisted them to donate a portion of their profits on Aug. 28th, my father’s 95th birthday, to the Hero Initiative. She designed her own in-store flyers and other promo materials for them to use. Jillian also made her own video which has just been posted, along with a great accompanying article by Geoff Boucher, on the the LA Times HeroComplex website. …Anything you can do to help spread the news would be greatly appreciated.

As always, thank you so much for all the support you have shown for my father and our family.

Best Regards,

Connie and Neal

A lot of well-intentioned fans are going to be drenching the internet with images of Jack Kirby‘s art today—including Marvel-owned images, rubbing salt in decades-old wounds—but the above link, and these next two links, are all you really should or need to share:

 Stand up with Jillian.

Your move.


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