Show & No Tell

“Nuthin’ Says Luvin’/Like Somethin’ from the Oven…”

I’ve been working me ass off for the past couple of weeks, and thought I’d shut the hell up for a change and just share some of what’s been sliding off the drawing board. Thanks to Ben for the top-notch scanning.

Should I tell you what this is for? Nah, I don’t think I will…

Work continues apace on the S.R. Bissette’s How to Make a Monster book for Watson-Guptill. I’ve been cranking out literally hundreds of sketches and finished drawings on this project, and have been working through new chapters for delivery later this month. Hmmm, can you guess what this particular chapter’s all about?

All artwork ©2012 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved.

And finally, a peek at one of the many logos I completed this week for various upcoming projects. This one is for one of the zines Denis St. John and I will be debuting at the October 27th Keene NH Comic Boom!/Saturday Fright Spooktacular event, along with… well, more brand-new stuff. I kind of suck at logos and lettering, but here goes…

All artwork ©2012 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved; feel free to link to these works, but do not repost them on other sites. Swamp Thing® is a registered trademark and © of DC Comics Inc/DC Entertainment Inc.; sketch ©2011 Stephen R. Bissette. Queep™ is ™ and ©1993, 1998, 2012 Stephen R. Bissette, by contractual arrangement with the original co-creator, all rights reserved. Monster Pie™ is a trademark of Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved.

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  1. Roger Green

    U draw reelly gud

  2. Henry R. Kujawa

    What the hell is this with the 3 eyes and 2 mouths? AUGH!!!! Otgher than that, it reminds me of all those multi-story reprints DC did in the 60′s (and sometimes they had covers like that on new stories as well).

    Remember some of those crazy “independant” cross-overs in the 90′s when 2 different artists would team up and draw different parts of a book? the idea just flashed thru my mind… you and Sam Waterson should team up for a dinosaur battle book, whith each of you drawing one of two dinos fighting it out. (I know, the logistics would be insane, but, hey, why not?)

    I recall being surprised in art school to find I had a REAL knack for logos and typography. It took longer than it should have, but once I got a computer at home, I found I could do this sort of thing MUCH faster, much more flexibly, and with greater precision. But I’ve still never been able to make money doing it… (Meanwhile, it’s shocking how many comic-books continue to have nearly-unreadable logos.)

  3. BobH

    I didn’t even know there was a HYPERNAUT’S BUDDY, QUEEP annual.

  4. srbissette

    NOBODY knows there is, yet, Bob!

    Now the Queep’s outta the bag…

  5. Peter Urkowitz

    Oh, when you first said you were drawing Queep art, I pictured something else entirely. Now I’m not even sure what i was thinking about. This is MUCH better! Awesome, in fact!

    Very much looking forward to these books hitting the market!

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