Halloween Horrors Hit Keene NH!

JOIN US: Saturday, October 27th, in Keene, NH!

We’ve got a bountiful Halloween harvest & event for everyone who makes it out to Comic Boom! in Keene, NH this coming Saturday, October 27th!

* Comic Boom! is at 22 West St, Keene, NH—(603) 352-4261—and I’ll be joining Denis St. John, Bryan Stone, Sean Knickerbocker, Daniel Barlow and Colin Tedford of the Trees & Hills Comics Group, Michael Crosier & fellow Center for Cartoon Studies cartoonists from 1 PM to 5 PM for an all-day signing/selling/sketching marathon!

* I’ll be debuting the brand-new full-color signed-and-limited “The Alphabet of Zombies” print, live and in person, as part of the incredible Comic Boom/CCS/SRB/Spooktacular event!

And that’s not all!

SEE! Denis St. John, Bryan Stone, and fellow Center for Cartoon Studies, Trees & Hills, & area cartoonists with their latest comix, comics, prints, and Halloween creations!

SEE & WIN! All-new ORIGINAL ART and SIGNED PRINTS by S.R. Bissette, Denis St. John, and other CCS, Trees & Hills, and area cartoonists—for raffle October 27th ONLY at both COMIC BOOM and the SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL SPOOKTACULAR (different raffles, different art/prints to win!)!!!

SEE & BUY! Our comix, our prints, our artwork, and more—including S.R. Bissette‘s back-from-the-dead resurrection and return to American mainstream comics with the Halloween issue of SPONGEBOB COMICS #13, on sale at COMIC BOOM (and signed to you or your loved or loathed ones—the ideal Halloween or Christmas gift for this year)!!!


That’s right—this year’s October Spooktacular is the original 1972 Amicus feature film Tales from the Crypt, adapted from the classic Pre-Code EC horror comics, uncut and in all its restored 35mm big-screen gory glory!


It’s the greatest Comic Boom/CCS/SRB/Spooktacular Event YET—maybe the greatest EVER! DON’T MISS IT!


Please note: The previously announced S.R. Bissette Pre-Code horror comics LECTURE at 4 PM has been cancelled. I’ll be at Comic Boom! until 5 PM, folks!

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  1. Henry R. Kujawa

    These days, I like to call “TALES FROM THE CRYPT” “The Al Feldstein Movie”. I actually saw it orignally on a double-feature (one of those tiny “local” 2nd-run movie houses that were so wonderfully cheap), with THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD. I’d already seen HOUSE a year or so earlier, on a triple-bill, and it was a thrill to see it again. The thing I always remember most about CRYPT was its use of Bach’s “Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor” over the opening and closing credits. That is, especially for Amicus, one “intense” movie! For once, no joking around. Which makes it something I can only watch in small doses.

    I keep wonderig how they got so much “right” the first time out, yet “THE VAULT OF HORROR” wound up so bad by comparison that Gaines pulled the rights for any further sequels.

  2. Henry R. Kujawa

    Oh wait, I’m sorry, my mistake… I meant “The Johnny Craig movie”!

  3. Marlene OConnor

    Hey Steve! Just got email from Colin re tabling. I am def coming. Might bring prints and stuff too.

  4. srbissette

    Marlene, bring ALL you can to sell; the more, the better. This is a solid venue, and the variety only helps. See you Saturday!

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