Halloween Harvest!

Get Them Before They Get You…

Here’s a peek at part of the Steve Bissette/John Totleben collaboration on the cover art for HORROR BOO!M #1, debuting this Saturday at Comic Boom! in Keene, NH! Artwork ©1991, 2012 Stephen R. Bissette and John Totleben, all rights reserved.


Wow—have we got some glorious gory goodies for you!

and am plastering it all over social media as best I (and everyone involved) can, but there’s more than we can tell you about!

Denis St. John is debuting an exclusive Halloween horrors full-color print; Bryan Stone is launching his latest anthology Beasts; Colin Tedford and Daniel Barlow of the Trees & Hills New England comics collective

And Cory of Comic Boom will be selling copies of the Halloween Spongebob Comics—featuring my latest brand-new published American mainstream comics work (the first since 1999!)—and Swamp Thing hardcovers, trade paperbacks, and comics which I’ll happily sign and personalize for you!

Denis St. John will also be selling complete sets of his recently-completed serialized graphic novel Amelia (Monsters & Girls #1-5), Bryan Stone will have an ample backstock of Funny Aminals and other Stone-Cool comix, Sean Knickerbocker with be raising hackles with Rust and his collaborative creations, Michael Crosier will be spilling ink and blood with his current crop of creepy comix, and many other Center for Cartoon Studies and Trees & Hills cartoonists will be making fall more colorful in the confines of Comic Boom!

Denis St. John and I have also cracked our skulls together to co-edit and launch two new zines: HORROR BOO!M (sneak peek at the Bissette/Totleben cover tops this post) and MONSTER PIE!

Both will debut October 27th, exclusively at Comic Boom!

Honestly, I don’t know what more we could do to make this event more special—save somehow supernaturally teleport all of you to Keene, NH for the day!

More info here at Myrant as the week wears on, and we get closer to the Saturday Spooktacular! See some of you there, we hope!

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