Of Aliens & Star Wars

Dave Dorman, Steve Bissette on Star Wars, Aliens: Tribes, & How Aliens: Kick the Can Kicked the Can

I’ll be posting a batch of all-new zines and items to the SpiderBaby Store this afternoon, then we’re hunkering in and down for Hurricane Sandy.

Today, it seemed appropriate to clear the air with the complete two-man panel fellow Joe Kubert School classmate Dave Dorman and I conducted at the Cincinnati Comic Expo in September 2012 (you know, last month).

Dave and I got into the meat and potatoes of his career arc, his ongoing creative life in conjunction with Lucasfilms, Dark Horse Comics, and Star Wars, and our early 1990s collaboration on the illustrated novel Aliens: Tribes (1993).

We also get into what happened to the planned sequel, Aliens: Kick the Can, which never saw light of day.

Special thanks to Andrew Satterfield, who organized the event and this panel (and let me know this weekend once the video was up), and to everyone at the Cincinnati Comic Expo who made this happen.

If you enjoyed this panel, be sure to check out

Be safe, be kind, and be back on Wednesday, Hurricane Sandy permitting!

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