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Top: Stephen R. Bissette/John Totleben cover art for Horror Boo!M #1; above: Bissette & Denis St. John’s wraparound collaboration cover art for Monster Pie™ #1, both of which debuted this past Saturday at Comic Boom! in Keene, NH, and go up for sale at the SpiderBaby Store later today. Artwork ©2012 Stephen R. Bissette and John Totleben, Stephen R. Bissette and Denis St. John, all rights reserved; Horror Boo!M™ and Monster Pie™ are trademarks of Stephen R. Bissette and Denis St. John, all rights reserved.


All-new zines, comics, and prints are now on sale at the SpiderBaby Store today—

and so much more (I’ll be loading new product all day & week long!)

PS: You live in the US and you don’t have a credit card or shop online using Paypal? Just cherrypick what you’d like from the SpiderBaby Store, be sure to enclose additional funds for postage/shipping, and send a postal money order or check with your order to SpiderBaby Grafix Mail-Order Dept, PO Box 157, Windsor, VT 05089, and/or email me directly at to work out details.


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