November SpiderBaby Store Bonus Giveaways

Gaiman Goodies Giveaway

November Purchases Rewarded With Gaiman Rarities

From now through December 12th (shipping in time for Christmas in the US), or until supplies are exhausted (so don’t wait):

* Any SpiderBaby Store purchase of $10 or more is graced with a complimentary copy of the rare Neil Gaiman 1999 collectible Gods & Tulips!

This August 1999 saddle-stitched comics-format booklet sports a lovely color cover by Michael William Kaluta; its publisher (Westhampton House) originally priced it at $3.00/$4.40 Canada, but it’s yours for FREE with every SpiderBaby order of $10 or more.

Gods & Tulips features two essays and the transcription of a speech by Neil Gaiman: “Good Comics And Why You Should Sell Them,” “On Signings” (with illustrations by Chester Brown), and Neil‘s famous PRO/Con speech “Writing” (illustrations by Rembrandt van Rijn).

It’s a lovely, essential Gaiman archival publication, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.


* Any SpiderBaby Store purchase of $25 or more is rewarded with a complimentary copy of the rare 1991 Neil Gaiman & Michael Zulli collectible Sweeney Todd—the long-sought-after, hard-to-find Taboo 6 preorder Penny Dreadful!

Given the size (6″ x 9″) and format of the Penny Dreadful, this means we can ship your free copy at no extra cost in any single item or combination order. This includes any product from the store—anything—including the prints, too, since I can safely, without damaging either the print or the Penny Dreadful, carefully roll the Dreadful up into the poster tube.

and please do alert all Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli fans about this special Holiday shopping season offer!

**PLEASE NOTE for orders outside the US: If you opt for the cheapest shipping option, I am NOT responsible for losses in the mail and that WILL delay foreign arrivals to weeks, if not a month or more, after it leaves the US. International Flat Rate Priority Mail is the most secure & timely option!**

Here’s just a sample—a partial page, mind you—of what’s inside the Taboo Sweeney Todd Penny Dreadful:

If you order $50 or more in SpiderBaby Store purchases, you receive both collectibles, FREE.

There’s no need to do anything, save place your order.

Any order of $10 or more instantly receives Gods & Tulips; any order of $25 or more is packaged with a copy of the Sweeney Todd Penny Dreadful.

Any order of $50 or more is immediately packaged with both rare Gaiman collectibles.

It’s that simple.

But once they’re gone, they’re gone. I found a limited, perfect-condition backstock of both of these publications in the SpiderBaby Archives—but they’ll be gone soon!

As always, thanks for your patronage, interest, and (via your purchases) support. As I dive into renewed work on Tyrant® in 2012 and 2013, the Spiderbaby Store will help fund my ongoing work on that project… and for that, my undying thanks.


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