Give Yourself the Gift of an SRB Ebook!

Seeking ebooks for the New Year reading stack? Consider my first pair of ebooks, jam-packed with genre reviews and recommendations from yours truly (if nothing else, please “like” the title, or post a review if you’re read ‘em already).

Someone on your wish live love horror, crime, and/or cult movies? Pick up a copy for them of Horrors! Cults, Crimes, & Creepers

or direct from the publisher

in every ebook/reader format.

Horrors! is dedicated to the memory of the late, great Chas Balun, who first published my writings about movies in his beloved horror film zine Deep Red. Here’s what one happy Horrors! ebook reader had to say:

“I just got your HORRORS! Ebook. I glanced through it—HOLY SHIT.

I was in high school and I would skip class and ride my bike to the comic bookstore to get to the new DEEP RED or Gorezone so I could read you and Chas. Reading through it made me feel like a kid again.

You a crazy liberal but your also my favorite genre film writer….”

- Josh Townsend (on Facebook, December 29th, 2012; unsolicited post to my FB wall)

If science-fiction, fantasy, or animation is your or their cup of tea, Wonders! Millennial Marvel Movies is likewise available

or direct from the publisher

in every ebook/reader format.

Happy buyer Richard Pearce said just this week (in an unsolicited Tuesday, December 11th comment on Facebook):

“Both of your two Blur compilations are well worth buying, if anyone’s on the fence – some interesting longer pieces that made me look at films I’d watched in a fresh light, and some great little capsule reviews that got me watching films I’d ignored or passed over before. Definitely recommended.”

Spread the links, spread the word, please!

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