Want a FREE Swamp Thing Sketch?

See that sketch above?

That’s one of seven FREE Swamp Thing sketches I gifted folks in a two-day Facebook marketing test about two weeks ago.

I just wrapped up the second test marketing, via MYRANT only (and/or whoever spreads it, by whatever platform, from this link).

Now, it’s time to Tweet-test! Twitter users:

From now, Monday, January 6, until Wednesday, January 9th, at midnight sharp—at the stroke of January 9th turning to Thursday, January 10th—I will gift a FREE Swamp Thing head sketch (some with a bit of color, some black-and-white, all done with archival inks) to anyone spending $50 or more on ANYTHING (or any collective things) at the SpiderBaby Online store. 

All sketches will measure a minimum of 3″ x 4″, some will be larger. It’s a crap-shoot. But I promise you a great sketch, period. I no longer do commissions, and none of corporate-owned characters, period, so this is a rare opportunity, indeed.

This offer ends at the end of the day Wednesday, January 9th, at midnight.

All orders will be shipped next week, with the free sketch enclosed.

Thank you, and happy hunting!


Swamp Thing® and ©DC Comics, Inc./DC Entertainment, Inc. Sketches are for collection purposes only, and no publication rights are inferred or transferred via receipt of your sketch. 

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