Swamp Thing Sketches Outgoing & Incoming…

I’ll be posting scans of some of my personal favorites of the free Swamp Thing head sketches I’m shipping off this and next week to those lucky folks who jumped on board one of the three SpiderBaby Shop test-market windows of opportunity. Thanks to all who made a purchase to win their complimentary original sketch; your support is greatly appreciated.

Here’s one of  the few I added a bit of color to; keep your eyes on Myrant in the coming couple of weeks to see more…


Swamp Thing® and ©DC Comics, Inc./DC Entertainment, Inc.; sketch art ©2013 Stephen R. Bissette. No transfer of rights implied or to be inferred; these complimentary sketches are a gift of original art only.

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  1. Baron

    Drats, somehow I missed out on the free Swamp Thing sketch with purchase on your store. Any chance you’ll run it again soon?

  2. srbissette

    Sorry, Baron; there were three test markets, late December through January, all running roughly the same duration (one on Facebook, one via this blog alone—and whoever spread that news by social media—and the last via Twitter, which went viral for its final 25 hours thanks to Rich Johnston at BleedingCool.com).

    These were primarily done to bring factual social media results into my Center for Cartoon Studies Senior Thesis classroom this month for discussion. I didn’t expect the “perfect storm” of a news item about Guillermo del Toro scripting a movie featuring Swamp Thing and John Constantine to hit the day I launched the Twitter test, but I ran with it, and the windfall of orders was much appreciated. That, too, is a lesson I can share with my students (and helped to pay some beginning-of-the-year bills and TALES OF THE UNCANNY ongoing costs).

    Much as I love giving away things, this was a lot of work and it’s unlikely I’ll be repeating it anytime soon, sorry to say.

    That duly noted, never say never.

    All I can say is keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to me on SOME social media, or this blog, regularly.

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