Up from the Deep…

I’ll continue posting scans of my personal favorites of the free Swamp Thing head sketches I’ve been shipping off to those lucky folks who tapped one of the three SpiderBaby Shop test-market windows of opportunity.

Thanks to all who made a purchase to win their complimentary original sketch; your support is greatly appreciated.

Here’s another one of those I added a bit of color to; keep your eyes on Myrant in the coming weeks to see more…

or your favorite online book or comics retailer,

Yes, we do earn royalties from your purchases of authorized reprint hard editions and/or the authorized digital comics; please, support the creators with your legitimate purchases, as many of you have helped support me and my work via your SpiderBaby Store purchases.


Swamp Thing® and ©DC Comics, Inc./DC Entertainment, Inc.; sketch art ©2013 Stephen R. Bissette. No transfer of rights implied or to be inferred; these complimentary sketches are a gift of original art only.

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