Muck Men, Movie Art, Cartoonist Studio Contest, & Melanie’s Mountain Trek

Amid sketching endless Swamp Thing heads, slinging ink, slapping graphite onto board, writing, teaching, and shipping SpiderBaby Store orders out daily, I’ve been doing interviews for various book projects and introductions, and I’ve been giving interviews of late, too.

Rich Handley posted this interview (below) on Friday morning, the same morning Robin McConnell interviewed me for Inkstuds.

Here’s the interview with Rich:

and enjoy. I hope there’s something new in the read for each of you.

The marathon Inkstuds interview went online late Monday—or at least the first part of it did:

Again, hope we cover some fresh turf, and have a listen.


Ah, I’ve got some Center for Cartoon Studies news to share, too…

Jack Davis! Neal Adams! Ed Koren! Gray Morrow! Fritz the Cat! Alakazam! Flash Gordon! Blondie! Diabolik (a sweet lobby card signed by Diabolik himself, John Phillip Law)!

They’re all waiting for you in the CCS Colodny Building art gallery this month!

and I curated the current Center for Cartoon Studies gallery exhibition, culling some select comics-related movie ad art delights from my own SpiderBaby Archives of cinema-related rarities. This eye-popping gallery show will be hanging all through this month! Come check it out;


More CCS-related news: here’s the official press release, folks.

– Two Winners Will Receive Honors and $1000 Prize Each–

NEW YORK, NY (February 1) – Slate and the Center for Cartoon Studies are proud to announce the nominees for the first Cartoonist Studio Prizes. The winner in each of the two categories will be announced on March 1; each winner will receive $1,000.

The shortlists were selected by Slate Book Review editor Dan Kois, the faculty and students at the Center for Cartoon Studies, and this year’s guest judge, legendary New Yorker art editor Françoise Mouly.

Notes The New Yorker’s Françoise Mouly: “Working with Dan and James, we ended up distilling an unbelievably rich year that saw fusion of all genres, major works by established cartoonists, breakthrough works by emerging artists, women artists, comics for kids and so much more. It’s not easy to pick ‘the best’ when the field is so alive and varied; it’s wrenching when one of your darlings doesn’t make the cut. But Dan and James and I pitted our different views against each other’s so that now I can proudly say: Look at all of these, it’s been an amazing year. Can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring—and am I glad they’ll ask another judge to narrow it down to only 10 Best!”

Adds the CCS’s director, James Sturm: “It’s exciting to be living in a golden age of comics but it sure makes the job of choosing just a handful for recognition challenging. The list we came up with is a broad weave of genres and styles with a common thread of excellence.”

The nominees for the 2012 Cartoonist Studio Prize are as follows.


The Cartoonist Studio Prize for Best Graphic Novel of the Year: 2012 Shortlist

Lilli Carré for Heads or Tails. Published by Fantagraphics.
Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido for Blacksad: A Silent Hell. Published by Dark Horse.
Tom Gauld for Goliath. Published by Drawn and Quarterly.
Brandon Graham for King City. Published by Image.
Jesse Jacobs for By This Shall You Know Him. Published by Koyama Press.
Na Liu and Andres Vera Martinez for Little White Duck: A Childhood in China Published by Graphic Universe.
Luke Pearson for Hilda and the Midnight Giant. Published by Nobrow Press.
Chris Ware for Building Stories. Published by Pantheon.
Julia Wertz for The Infinite Wait and Other Stories. Published by Koyama Press.
Frank M. Young and David Lasky for The Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song. Published by Abrams ComicArts.

The Cartoonist Studio Prize for Best Web Comic of the Year: 2012 Shortlist

Ryan Andrews for Sarah and the Seed.
Gabrielle Bell for Lucky.
Boulet for Bouletcorp.
Vince Dorse for Untold Tales of Bigfoot.
Patrick Farley for The First Word.
Dakota McFadzean for The Dailies.
Randall Munroe for xkcd.
Winston Rowntree for Subnormality.
Noelle Stevenson for Nimona.
Jillian Tamaki for SuperMutant Magic Academy.


Speaking of great web comics, time to spotlight the new work online from CCS alumni Melanie Gillman. Melanie is an amazing storyteller and cartoonist, and her new work-in-progress “As the Crow Flies” is soon to hit page 100, so it’s best you catch up. Check out Melanie‘s marvelous ongoing online serialization of her current graphic-novel-in-progress before she hits that magic page number…

You want my two cents? Melanie Gillman is an incredible person and incredibly skilled, polished storyteller and artist. She is doing phenomenal work, period. Give “As the Crow Flies” a read, and then spread the link… and the riches.


Swamp Thing® and ©DC Comics, Inc./DC Entertainment, Inc.; sketch art ©2013 Stephen R. Bissette. No transfer of rights implied or to be inferred; these complimentary sketches are a gift of original art only. All other artwork and photographs © respective years by their respective proprietors, posted for educational and archival purposes only.

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