Grandenetti Guignol Redux

The Master’s Originals from his Prime Era

Wrapping up this week’s overview of the forgotten masterpieces of Jerry Grandenetti with a quartet of pages generously photographed by Richard Gagnon, from his own original art collection. These are shared here with Richard‘s very kind permission, and pretty much speak for themselves. It’s great to be able to compare Grandenetti‘s lush late Golden Age work with his rawer, more expressionistic 1960s work; the latter is my favorite era in Grandenetti‘s career, but that’s no doubt because that’s the work I grew up reading.

Enjoy, and thanks, Richard! These are photographs, not scans, so please forgive the image quality. You can still savor the imagery in all its Grandenettian glory.

From “The Secret files of Dr. Drew”‘ (no title), Rangers Comics # 56 (1950); Richard notes that this “one was reprinted in Mr. Monster’s Super Duper Special #2 (1986)…”

The splash page from “Type Cast!” (page 1), from Eerie #8 (1967).

Note that DC always used to crudely cut its original art pages, trimming the borders (clumsily) awfully close to the image area. As a result, we couldn’t crop these two pages from Tales of the Unexpected very neatly; a bit of the cardboard Richard used as a photographic backdrop is visible in both shots.

From “Know No Evil!,” Tales of the Unexpected #125 (1971).

“Seek Your Own Grave!,” Tales of the Unexpected #126 (1971).


All images ©original creators/proprietors, their original year of publication; all artwork and images are posted for archival and educational purposes only.

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  1. John Platt

    “Grandenettian glory” is my phrase of the day.

    I always wondered why art pages were cut like that. Was it related to how the art was photographed for the printer?

  2. patrick ford

    Joe Simon had loads of Grandenetti art, and the Simon estate is auctioning it off at Heritage.

    Lots of older Grandenetti art there as well.
    The page which got Grandenetti the job as the SPIRIT ghost.

    A complete Grandenetti story CURSE OF THE SEA HAG.
    Page One:

  3. Henry R. Kujawa

    Quite often when I do my “restorations” of cover scans, I’m working with comics where the art had been badly rotated and cropped at the printing / binding stage, by the production department. I continue to be amazed by just how much I can “fix” with Photoshop, sometimes making things look MUCH better than the real comics ever did, while managing to stay true to the intent. This can include “filling in” missing art cut off due to being off-rotation, or re-compositing several lines of logo-area text (each of which may have been on a different rotatin when sloppily pasted together decades ago), or even eliminating “off-register” color plate problems. Sometimes I even “fix” colors that just don’t look right! (This mostly happens with skin tones. And I’m not talking about stuff like green Orion slave girls, either– heh.)

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