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Don’t Drag Your Feet (Like De Zombies Do)…

It’s back, for a limited time only this fall: the classic cannibal movie book WE ARE GOING TO EAT YOU! by Stephen R. Bissette!

Specs: Clear acetate protective covers over canary-yellow card stock cover art front and back, blue Fastbak binding, 336 pages (!!), over 75 of which feature rare illustrations from the SpiderBaby Archives; measures 8 1/2′ x 11″ x almost 1″ binding.

This is a slightly revised (to update my address/online info only) recreation of the uber-rare 2003 limited ms. bound photocopy edition of the original dot-matrix printed manscript—it’s an artifact, folks, dressed up a bit, but complete and unexpurgated, the original full text the late, great Chas Balun edited down considerably for my chapter of THE DEEP RED HORROR HANDBOOK.

Here’s how to order:

WE ARE GOING TO EAT YOU! ‘Bare Bones’ Edition(signed, no sketch art interior cover) is now available at

for only $25.00 plus Flat Rate Priority shipping, anywhere in the world!

WE ARE GOING TO EAT YOU! ‘Original Sketch’ Edition (signed with an original Stephen R. Bissette sketch on the bonus interior cream white card stock cover) is now available at

for the HALLOWEEN SEASONAL SALE PRICE of just $50.00 US plus Flat Rate Priority shipping, anywhere in the world!

When this October sale ends at 12 midnight Halloween night, the Sketch Edition will be $65.00 US plus shipping, while supplies last.

This is a significant savings (over 20% discount) Halloween discount window for serious collectors.

Here’s just a sample of the original sketches some lucky We Are Going to Eat You buyers already have in their personal copies—every sketch is unique, one-of-a-kind, and different!

SPREAD THE WORD, please—and place your orders now, while you can!


Unsolicited reviews of We Are Going to Eat You!, the SpiderBaby 2003 and Special 2013 10th Anniversary edition:


“I read through it in one manic sitting! …thanks for making this special edition of your book!

I truly love it.”

- Nicholas Barracato

“…When you first pick up and flick through We Are Going To Eat You you may be hit with slightly mixed emotions (the printed word of an old Atari leaves something to desire) but once you start delving into this mouth watering publication you’ll quickly realise you have in your hands what is without doubt the definitive cannibal movie tome.

This isn’t simply another run through the Italian exploitation movies that we love so dearly but a comprehensive and detailed of the genre from the dawn of cinema right through the early jungle action pics to the Mondo movie era and beyond. Of course that’s not to say our beloved Italian gut munchers aren’t covered here as they are, but not in the repetitive synopsis/brief critique manner that we’ve been happy to indulge in for so long. Here Stephen Bissette looks extensively at the Italian schlockers, dissecting their both their strengths and weaknesses but perhaps more importantly putting them into context with the reams of genre films that lead to their creation. It’s absolutely fascinating to follow the genre from the beginning of film with silent showreels through to what is referred to as the ‘goona goona’ films to what we know today.

Also very welcome is the respect that the author obviously has for the reader, for long many have fallen into the trap of looking at the genre either in the respect of the ‘gore’ or the offense of alleged animal violence but Stephen Bissette overviews the genre in both an intelligent and thought provoking way. By no means does anyone seek to justify celluloid animal violence but it’s interesting to see just how the modern exploitation movie ended up the way it is. Similarly, the book certainly hammers home the message about just how culturally racially offensive society has been for so many years (here in the context of the jungle/cannibal movie). Fans of the Mondo genre…will find a lot to gratify them here with extensive subjective coverage also.

As for the presentation, even for a draft edition (and looking past the Atari text) We Are Going To Eat You manages to win you over with a gorgeous collection of poster art and all new illustrations by Stephen Bissette himself (his art is worth the purchase price alone). Now I’ve no doubt I probably sound like some sort of deliriously happy fan boy but the truth of the matter is We Are Going To Eat You is THE cannibal book fans have been waiting for and even in this rough cut form is an essential addition to any fan of the genre’s collection.

…Genre book of the year? You decide – get it now!!”

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the book, etc. and have already read the book from cover to cover…. I want to congratulate you on a fine job. Despite its rough form it is a cogent, well-researched, and consistently interesting piece. Since your original essay was published [in The Deep Red Horror Handbook] there have been several books that have dealt with the same topic to varying effect, but none have surpassed your work. I was quite impressed with your take on Suddenly, Last Summer and your taking The Mission to task for its thematic hypocrisy. Your lengthy essay on Cannibal Holocaust was also quite impressive. I sincerely hope you’ll be able to find a publisher for an updated & corrected version as I’d be most interested in your commentary on the many films that have been released since 1990…”

- Chip Eckton

“I’m really enjoying the book, and I never read this type of thing. I was really drawn in by the topic, and I have a special place in my heart for those movies that fall into the redneck section. If I read non-fiction it tends to be biographies, but this is really fun and informative. I really love all the art and posters too. Just a big book of fun. I’m going to have to dig around for a few of these movies, especially the 30′s stuff…. In my hometown, small town south Georgia, the Halloween that changed my life was spent viewing Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes at the local drive in…. I was really glad to see the mention of Motel Hell also.”

- Joshua Hand


We Are Going to Eat You cover art, sketch art ©2003, 2013 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved.

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