Coming Soon!

Charles Forsman (Snake Oil, The End of the Fucking World/TEOTFW, Celebrated Summer, Teen Creeps, Oily Comics, etc.) and I are wrapping up a new print to debut after the New Year.

Here’s first-ever peek—more info to come!

S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant® is a registered trademark of Stephen R. Bissette; all rights reserved. Print artwork ©2013 Stephen R. Bissette, color & digital production by Charles Forsman.

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  1. kelly

    More Tyrant ? Great news !

  2. James Van Hise

    Whatever happened to Tales of The Uncanny which was supposed to be published in August 2010? I can find no more recent mention of it on your website.

  3. Sean

    Hello Mr. Bissette. I was a bit confused with this site’s layout and couldn’t seem to find a regular email-contact for you. I just barely ran into your posts about Gore Shriek. I noticed a lack of concrete information about Gurch, who was one of my favorite artists during the series’ run. I just had a general curiosity about him, background, and if he ever continued working in comics or other mediums.

    Also, and you may not remember any of this, around ’88-’89 a friend and I were at SDCC (we were about 15-16 then haha). You had some Rawhead Rex prints you were giving out. I’d grabbed one and promptly rolled it up for safe keeping. It was at that time you were speaking to someone else and had mentioned that you were now selling off the remainder of the prints. My friend grabbed my copy to give back to you and tried to de-roll/flatten it to absolutely no effect. We then ran off very embarrassed haha.

  4. srbissette

    James Van Hise: TALES OF THE UNCANNY is still in the works. It’s grown to a 300+ page book, and will be quite a hefty read and package.

    Sean: I’m at Gurch was recently interviewed in a couple of venues; I’ll look those up and post them here. Ah, YOU were the Rawhead Roller! No harm done; I remember that, but not who…

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