Cartoonist extraordinaire, CCS alumni (Class of ’07, the Pioneer Class!) and good friend Colleen Frakes just emailed me this pic of our (Hank Wagner, Chris Golden and yours truly’s) book Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman on the racks at the world-famous Powell’s Book Store in the great Northwest –

Prince Powells

It’s been a hoot to see the book everywhere.

I’m rather astonished, though, at the fact that only the indie booksellers seem to be racking Prince of Stories alongside Neil’s latest, the terrific The Graveyard Book — it seems a no-brainer, but there ya go. At least Powell’s has us alongside Terry Pratchett’s latest, and Terry did, after all, write the introduction to Prince of Stories.

In fact, I haven’t found a single non-indie bookshop racking Prince of Stories anywhere near a single Neil Gaiman book!If you find out otherwise, please, email me a photo:

If you’re a bookseller, or work in a bookstore, please email me a photo of your shop’s respective presentation of Prince of Stories, and be sure to give me your name, bookshop name, and where you are — I’ll post the pix here!

I’d be delighted to know I’m wrong, that bookshops everywhere are promoting this perfect Christmas gift for Neil Gaiman fans alongside the Neil Gaiman novels and books — which, again, seems to me the obvious place to rack such a book, especially during the heaviest Christmas shopping week and weekend of the year.

Do you have a display of our book along with Neil’s latest novel and his past bestsellers, graphic novels, DVDs (Stardust, Beowulf, Mirrormask, A Short Film About John Bolton, etc.)?
If not, why not?

With Neil’s brand-new Graveyard Book and our book fresh from the printers, wouldn’t such a display rack up sales for the holiday season?

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  1. mike dobbs

    Any signings looming? I have a co-worker who would love the book.

  2. Dan Barlow

    Hi Steve,

    I saw a copy stacked with some Neil Gaiman books in the new release section at Border’s in Burlington a few weeks ago. I should have snapped a photo for you!


  3. Pete Tzinski

    I didn’t take a picture of it, because I didn’t know to yet, but in the Mall of America (Twin Cities, Minnesota) Barnes & Noble, they have Prince of Stories put on the shelf with the rest of the Neil Gaiman books. That’s where I found it, where it tempted me, and where I spent money I didn’t have to buy it.

    It may have been a fluke, a’course, but at least it was one Barnes & Noble doing it proper.

  4. Paul Cutler

    It must be a B&N thing in the Twin Cities – the B&N in Eden Prairie, MN also had Prince of Stories on the new release shelf right next to the Graveyard Book. I didn’t even know about Prince of Stories until I saw it there (and now it’s on my Amazon wishlist, hopefully for Christmas!). This was a couple weeks ago, so I don’t have a picture of it, but if I’m in the neighborhood soonish I’ll check it out again.

  5. Yoga Gal

    You mean I bought this book for full price at Vorman’s Book Store in Pasadena when I could had bought it for less on Amazon? Vorman’s had such a lovely displayed I couldn’t resist buying it. It’s an interesting book and a must for all Gaiman’s fan.

  6. srbissette

    Once you factor in the shipping and waiting — not to mention the good deed of supporting booksellers — I always ere for buying books when I find ‘em at bookstores. Thanks for the kind words on the book, and we’ll have a special announcement soon to goose this situation!

  7. Trish

    I saw it with Gaiman’s other books at the Shrewsbury, MA Borders, too. I hadn’t read this blog post, then, so I didn’t think to snap a shot. I am planning on returning, though, with money to purchase, so I’ll see if I can remember to bring a camera. I look forward to reading it!

  8. Zidel333

    I saw this book next to Neil Gaiman’s works at the Newport News, VA Borders or Barnes and Noble. If you want, I can try to take a picture for you. To be honest, I did a double take because I thought for a moment Gaiman had wrote it.

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