Champy Found a Home…

Lake Monster seeking a home no more! This was sold on January 7th, 2009 — 11″ x 17″ sketch, marker and pen on 2-ply bristol, b&w and cheerfully personalized upon request, $50.00 US plus shipping. My thanks to the buyer for giving this Champ a new home…

Champ illustration ©2008 SR Bissette, all rights reserved.

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  1. pumpie

    Looks like you spent your holidays prepping and planning too. You should see my studio! Spanked and bullied and organized for new projects – If you saw it, and the cluttered state of my brain, before and after, you’d be amazed. You’d write a mile-long post about it! See jabberous and next week for more info. I productivity-challenge you to a friendly duel! Let’s kick 2009′s ass!

    Nice Champy! Go man go!

  2. Mark M

    A great idea Steve. Easier than juggling commissions. Veitch is doing something similar over at his Blog. Easier then trolling ebay for Bissette artwork to pop up and better to pay the man then some other re-selling tool.

    If there’s room for more in this duel, then let’s get it on!

    Pumpie; Is Condi still hanging in the crib?


  3. Nate

    Hope this continues….

  4. Jason Whiton

    Hi Steve! Great to see what you’ve been up to. I talked with one of your students at APE during the fall- hopefully he passed along a hello. I moved to the Bay area to teach Art/Film at a great private high school in the city. Doing some neat historical overviews of animation and super heroes right now. Also started a blog based on one of my book projects, Movie Marathons, which I hope you will check out. I’d love to invite you to contribute some marathon lists- you always have great ideas about rare and milestone movies. I hope you are well (and warm). I will try to visit in the spring and stop by CCS.
    -Jason Whiton

  5. srbissette

    Thanks, all — Jason, I’ll be in touch via email.

    Mark, Nate, this will continue through January. It will continue thereafter ONLY IF something sells. If not, I’ll think of something else.

    I long ago gave up doing any commissions — I still owe four folks their long-overdue sketches/illos, which I’m working to complete this winter — so this is the ONLY option if folks want to buy original Bissette art right now, except for the occasional pages that may turn up on eBay.

  6. tim

    I’m terrified of being in a boat in a pond or lake.. why? FREAKIN’ LAKE MONSTERS!!!!!!!!

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