Here’s what’s missing from the snazzy new DC Comics Inc./Vertigo Swamp Thing hardcover reprint volume.

It’s the last line of Alan Moore’s script for what was Saga of the Swamp Thing #24, the end of the Jason Woodrue/Floronic Man storyline, and the full rebirth of Swamp Thing into a brave new world.

  • Bob Heer details what’s missing-in-action in the new hardcover collection at his excellent blog/journal Four Realities in “An Open Letter to DC Comics, re: Quality Control,”
  • linking in his comments thread to DC’s own online errata collection.
  • Jeez, even humble ol’ SpiderBaby Graphix pays proofreaders to proof our meager-selling volumes, be they Tyrant and SpiderBaby Comix in the 1990s or Blur in the 21st Century.

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    1. BobH

      Thanks for the link, Steve. As I mentioned to you in e-mail, credit also has to go to whoever spotted the error in the paperback edition (sometime after the first printing, I think when they reprinted it with the Zulli cover), so I knew to look for it and saved myself $25. I heard about it from either Mike Sterling at or one of his commenters.

      I wonder how an error like this even happens. In this day of digital lettering I can see it (if not excuse it), but John Costanza would have lettered this on the original boards, wouldn’t he? Do you or JTT still have the art for the page? I’d be curious if the caption was pasted on or moved around or something.

    2. srbissette

      I would have linked to other primary sources, but couldn’t find them myself. Thanks for providing some backstory on this, Bob.

      My full reply is today’s post, Bob — check it out, and let’s chat here on MYRANT.

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