“Rise the Demon, Etrigan!”
  • I love drawing Jack Kirby’s Etrigan, the Demon (here’s an earlier sketch showcased in the SpiderBaby Sketch Gallery)
  • so here’s another version of the character, via John Totleben’s and my take on Etrigan in Saga of the Swamp Thing #26-27 back in 1984.

    This original is 8 1/2″ x 11″ on acid-free white board (note that two corners are slightly crimped, which is how the board was before I did the sketch). It’s drawn with black and red markers and pens, $95 plus shipping to the first to email me at msbissette@yahoo.com (first come, first served).

    [Note: Sold to Shannon W., thanks for the support and for giving this sketch a good home, Shannon!]

  • Don’t care for this scribbling? The Sketch Store section (click this link) always sports a selection of previously posted roughs and sketches that are still for sale.
  • All 2009 sketches, sold and unsold, are archived in the Sketch Gallery, free eye-candy at all times.
  • The Demon is © and TM DC Comics, Inc., created by Jack Kirby; artwork ©2009 SR Bissette, all rights reserved.

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    1. Mark Masztal

      Ooo…I hate you. When I’m strapped for cash and you post and offer this.

    2. James Robert Smith

      Nice work!!! I really like that version of Etrigan.

    3. Joshua Clark

      Love the big Kirby fingers.

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