dracula* Dave Sim used to joke that Alan Moore would never be knighted, due to From Hell‘s expose of corruption from the crown down in the 1880s.

Well, you never know!

After all, Christopher Lee is about to be knighted at age 87 —

  • and it couldn’t happen to a more marvelous actor.
  • When Lee was shaking up the world in the late 1950s and throughout the ’60s via Hammer Films vehicles like the innovative, taboo-busting Dracula / Horror of Dracula (1958), the British press was tripping over themselves to verbally abuse the films, the actors involved, and all things Hammer.

    A hair over half-a-century later, he’s to be Sir Christopher Lee.

    Time works wonders… congratulations, Mr. Lee!

    * While pulling together material for the upcoming summer revamp of Myrant, including reaching out to all extant blogs and websites related to my body of work,

  • I found this archived blog from a few years ago posted by Swamp Thing himself!
  • Give it a read, while you can, and enjoy.

    taboo12SpiderBaby Archives: Taboo Origins, Part Four

    What was needed was a clear explanation of what John Totleben and I were looking for — which was decidedly not what most people would think went into a horror comic circa 1986.

    We knew what we didn’t want — we didn’t want what had been, up to that point, de rigueur for every horror comic published in the 1980s.

    But how to describe what we were seeking?

    This, then, is my first stab at what would evolve into The Taboo Manifesto; this is from the same February 1986 letter to Dave Sim and John Totleben I excerpted yesterday.

    [Again, apologies for the poor quality of the following; these are the best scans I could muster from the extant photocopies of the 23-year-old documents in the Spiderbaby files.]


    Whew — what a haul!

    You needed waders to get through my bullshit back then!

    Still, as you can see, we were (particularly I was) dead serious about our endeavor.

    We really wanted to launch a new approach to the genre in comics with this opportunity, and this was our best shot.

    However, there were mighty storms building and brewing during all this.

    Aside from the ongoing freelance madness — we were still working on Saga of the Swamp Thing, after all, and John was knee-deep in Marvelman / Miracleman with Alan Moore and the idealistic but sneaky folks at Eclipse Comics — there was another storm festering that was increasingly consuming our maiden voyage with this new horror anthology.

    It involves Dave Sim, Cerebus, the Direct Market distributors, my friends Steve Murphy and Michael Zulli, and a comic series entitled Puma Blues

    Next time: The Real Puma Blues


    In reply to the emails coming in –

  • Yes, back issues of Taboo are still available from yours truly — click the link, visit the SpiderBaby Store!
  • Only Taboo 6 has sold out, but fair warning — Taboo 2 and Taboo 7 are not long for this world.

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