thundercatsI hate to do this — in fact, I’ve never done this. I hate doing this. But the situation is dire.

If you are or ever have been a fan of the work of writer Steve Perry of Time Spirits, Thundercats and Silverhawks – not to be confused with either the prolific and popular sf writer or the rock star — and you can afford to help a man on his last legs, please, do so.

Despite the best efforts of myself and others, Steve is in dire straits at this very moment, suffering terminal cancer and lack of any support, and sorely in need of any help that can be sent his way. 

He has finally set up an address to receive mail after an ill-fated attempt to find shelter and re-establish himself in another part of the US. 

I Express mailed cash (postal money order) myself this past week; I am trying to pull together more this coming week.

If you can spare any amount over $1, and can send it in a form Steve can cash without a bank account or online access (but do NOT mail cash; postal money orders are likely ideal), send it to:

Steve Perry
38046 8th Ave
Zephyrhills, FL 33542

Some folks mock my public stands and constant soapboxing for creator rights and creators taking care of their own business. This is one of the many reasons why. I never want to see another generation of creators go through these self-perpetuating cycles.

As I get older, I see more and more of this: annual fundraisers, auctions and appeals for aging creators facing disastrous health situations and end-of-life plights, even as their own work continues to earn for the corporations they signed all rights away to. 

We’re each responsible for making our own way in the world — but when there’s nothing left, there’s nothing left.

Creative people are often their own worst enemies, and the lifelong fruits of short-term returns, work-for-hire gigs and failure to tend to one’s own best interests plague many lives and careers. The illusion that someone who has been published or had their name/credit on a movie or TV screen is living comfortably on nonexistent royalties is less than smoke and mirrors in most circumstances, particularly when living hand-to-mouth and rarely thinking beyond the next paycheck is all that guides a rudderless creative path.

Yes, he brought this on himself, in countless ways. Could have, should have — well, it’s all come down to this. Long before there was ebay, Steve junked, tossed and/or burned all the remnants of his career in comics and television. He’s nothing material left to barter or sell, and I wouldn’t be posting this appeal if it weren’t a desperate situation. I’ve done what I can, when I can, for a long time now.

Give only what you can afford to give, expecting nothing in return except knowing you’re helping someone get through a truly (possibly terminal) terrible stretch.

Don’t send anything to me, please. Use the address above; do whatever you can, if you can.

Thank you…

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  1. Johnny Bacardi

    This is terrible, terrible news. I’ll try to send along something as soon as I can. I’ve had the occasion to have some occasional email correspondence with Mr. Perry, and he was always gracious to me.

    I suppose the Timespirits collection that was announced some time ago is dead in the water- I would hope he’d see a little from that if it ever came out…

  2. srbissette

    Due to production difficulties (the scans from the art have had to be redone, and like me, Tom Yeates is not skilled or trained in such matters — and its all on his plate to do, with only a bit of tech support/help from the publisher), the announced TIME SPIRITS collection has yet to enter the starting gate. I wrote the book’s introduction back in January 2007, so this reprint project has been in the works for over three years now.

    FYI, Image doesn’t pay advances — creator-owned work is all back-end royalties only, if the book earns anything, which is dubious in the present market — and quite honestly, given his situation, it’s unlikely Steve will be with us long enough to earn anything on that book.

  3. Steve Weiner


    Has Steve Perry contacted the SFWA? They might be able to point him to organizations that cover healthcare. Also, its a little known secret that most hospitals offer free healthcare. You have to know how to ask. The “Hill Burton” programs, which several hospitals participate in, is a free program. I don’t know of any others but I’m sure they do exist. Give me a call if I can help you.

  4. srbissette

    Thanks, Steve. Yes, he’s been laboring for literally MONTHS with local support networks, but the bureaucracies/time involved is running out with no benefits/relief in sight. He literally may be dead before the aid comes through.

    Steve’s no piker in this process. He’s gotten health care help in the past (including surgery) when the need was dire — but now it’s terminal issues he’s facing, and in complete poverty. It’s really worse than I can say in a public arena; I wouldn’t have posted this appeal otherwise.

  5. Jason

    Steve, can you put out a bucket at school? I want to help, but the little I can contribute would only be worth it as a part of something bigger.

    I know the timing is certainly too little too late, but I know many of us at school would love to volunteer our time on any scanning for a collection if the originals could make there way here.

  6. Meredith


    I’m sorry to say that my gift sent to the above address was returned, marked “no such number.” Perhaps there is a typo in the address?

  7. Marina

    I just had a letter returned to sender from that address too.

  8. srbissette

    That is the address Tom Yeates and I have been sending our $$ to, and Steve has received those (he contacted Tom and I afterwards). I’ve no idea why mail is being returned — this is tragic, and horribly ill-timed on the post office’s part, given Steve Perry’s desperate straits.

    I’ve just emailed Steve in hopes of getting to the bottom of this — THANK YOU for your kind donations, they are still sorely needed. I’ll report back to you all as soon as I hear something, anything from Steve.

  9. srbissette

    THANKS FOR COMMENTING and NOTING THE MAIL ERROR — Steve had given me the wrong address: it’s not 33046, it’s 38046.

    Corrected address: Steve just emailed me from his local library:

    “I have gotten some — address is:

    38046 8th ave
    zephyrhills, fl.


  10. srbissette

    PS: I have corrected it in my two posts — but the wrong address is out there in cyberspace on other sites now. Spread the word, PLEASE, about the correct address!

  11. Jedi

    I’m not sure what I’m allowed to post during an active police investigation so I find it difficult to say more (mostly for the safety of Leo) in a public forum. I will however say that I’m sorry for what happened to Steve. He was a good guy. A friend of mine in Florida was in dire straights for about a week a few years ago. Despite never meeting him before, Steve gave my friend all the cable TV, internet, and food a guy could ever ask for. I’m sorry I didn’t know him better and I’m sure Leo misses him dearly.

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