[Dave Brubeck (piano), Paul Desmond (alto sax), Eugene Wright (bass), Joe Morello (drums), "Take Five," Berlin, Germany, 1966]

Timespirits6* Was James Cameron a fan of Steve Perry’s and Tom Yeates’ Timespirits?

Specifically, are there points of comparison to be made between Timespirits #6 (September 1985) and the opening-this-weekend Cameron epic Avatar?

  • The sf media site io9.com just posted “Avatar’s Neytiri Has a Striking Comic Book Twin,” leading me over to
  • Marcus Parcus‘s image/panel comparisons over at his live journal The Monkey Mind – check out “AVATAR & ATAVISM?” and let’s chat after Friday.
  • Hmmm, maybe James Cameron could send a little Christmas cheer in Steve and Tom‘s direction?

    * Speaking of my old pal Steve Perry…

    If you have any Christmas $$ you can spare — I know, an unlikely proposition in 2009 — Timespirits co-creator and Thundercats/Silverhawks writer Steve Perry is still in mighty dire straits with his five-year-old son Leo down in Florida. Steve is battling with terminal cancer;

  • I first posted about Steve‘s plight here at Myrant, and many generous souls have already sent what they can.
  • A home theft this past week left Steve and Leo financially destitute (once again) and avaricious human predators continue to drain his dwindling resources, though Heroes International‘s very welcome aid and partial coverage of Steve‘s medical costs has been a Godsend.

    Anyhoot, even if you can only spare $5, or arrange for food or goods to be snail-mailed, send it Steve‘s way; Paypal to sandramaples48@yahoo.com, snail-mail to Steve Perry, 38046 8th Ave, Zephyrhills, FL 33542. I’ve just sent more myself; sorry to keep posting occasional reminders, but I’ve no idea what else to do.

    * The Vermont Monster Guide book tour is over, but Joe Citro and I are now savoring new attention to our book.

    The gradual emergence of

  • customer reviews of The Vermont Monster Guide
  • popping up on amazon.com; sweet reading.
  • Nice to know the book is finding its audience, and here’s hoping our plans for a successor in 2010 find a roost.

    * And finally, a sweet treat Tim Lucas steered me to via Facebook:

    John Coltrane (soprano and tenor sax), the great Eric Dolphy (flute, alto sax), my all-time favorite jazz pianest McCoy Tyner, Reggie Workman (bass) and Elvin Jones (drums) circa 1961, Baden-Baden, Germany — indeed, among my favorite things:

  • (Videos via Astrotype‘s vintage jazz archive; here’s their glorious YouTube site!)
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    1. Mark Masztal

      My donation to Steve Perry is on it’s way.

    2. Roger Green

      It’samazing; Briubeck is STILL performing; his birthday was earlier this month and he just got thec Kennedy Center Honors. I have recordings of both those songs.

    3. Mark Masztal

      I heard back from Steve and he was eternally grateful. I hope to help as much as I can within reason.

    4. srbissette

      THANKS for that, Mark. Anything anyone can do will make a huge difference in the coming days.

    5. srbissette

      The tough thing, Roger, was picking which Brubeck to go with; I love it all. I started whistling “Take Five” in the CCS lab yesterday morning and one of the students said, “Thanks! Now that’s stuck in my head!” It’s in all our heads…

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