“King of Monster Isle” – Part 1

Myrant Digital Comix:

“King of Monster Isle” (1st Installment)

We begin on the beach…

OK, here we go — my first-ever original online comic tale. Enjoy the ride; it goes as long as it goes.

Myrant Digital Comix: “King of Monster Isle” ©2010 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved.

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  1. Sam Kujava

    It truly IS a new year! A new Bissette strip, written and drawn by himself. I am happy!

  2. srbissette

    Wow, Sam, that was fast! I didn’t have it up more than two minutes — and you’ve posted a comment. Gratifying!

  3. J.D. Brown

    This is beautiful!

  4. Mark McMurray

    AWESOME!! I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  5. Kevin Robinson

    Steve- I’ve been with you since you were scaring my pants off in Scholastic mags as a kid. Bissette comics free online? Thanks!

  6. Gene Kannenberg, Jr.

    I’ll ditto Kevin R’s comments, and add: “Huzzah!”

  7. jason

    Words cannot express how excited I am to see this story spin out from these two panels. I am quivering.

  8. lance weiler

    this is awesome! congrats Steve can’t wait to see more. Happy New Year!

  9. fhionn

    Never one to kiss backside, I am unable to describe the work (so far) as beautiful, nor am I quivering, though if you’re creating it I’ll stick around and keep up as it’s more than likely to be honest, clever, and most probably damned entertaining.

  10. James Robert Smith

    Is this brand new art?

  11. srbissette

    Brand. New. All.

  12. Zatoichi

    I guess the new year started with the blessing of the animals.

  13. kenywid

    WOHOO!! This is crazy wonderful!

  14. Lawrence Derks

    Threshold, Steve. Threshold. (insert internet emoticon of choice)

    Awesome work as usual. Proving that those who CAN, DO teach. How often can we expect updates?

  15. Randall Drew

    Hooray! 2010 is starting off so well!

  16. srbissette

    Lawrence, I’ll be posting new installment every two-three days, just like the archival comix posts. Enjoy! And thanks for the kind words, all!

  17. John Platt

    Ooo. I’m-a gonna like this.

  18. Cfrakes

    Uh-oh! Is that Cardinal Syn?

  19. Troy


    I love it.

  20. Jose-Luis

    Yes! I’m super-excited about the story already!

  21. Michael Cohen

    Yeah Steve! Go for it.

  22. srbissette

    2nd installment just went up — As you now all know, Colleen wins a no-prize. Good eagle-eye there, Colleen!

  23. kubbz

    oooo, i am excited to read this as well! you have some sort of secret time-altering device tucked away somewhere, huh? sometimes i wonder how you do so much work! good luck with your first online comic!

  24. David Paleo

    Here starts the Kick that will connect to the Ass.

  25. srbissette

    Many a panel between the toe and the butt cheek, though. Enjoy the kick… when it comes.

  26. srbissette

    Thanks for the well wishes, Kubby, and how the hell are you?

    No secret to my work: I just do it. Up early most days, and make the most of the days while savoring life as it comes (or we make it happen)…

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