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Only a few weeks after concluding Joe Citro’s and my four-month signing tour for The Vermont Monster Guide, I’m back on the road in February to celebrate the opening night debut of The New Dead, featuring my new short story “Copper.”

I’ll be gleefully joining our fearless editor Chris Golden and fellow contributors John Connolly (flying all the way out from Ireland!), Holly Newstein and old pal and Little Brothers co-conspirator in crime Rick Hautala at 7 PM at the Framingham, Massachusetts Barnes & Noble (1 Worcester Rd., Framingham, MA 01701, call
508-628-5567 for directions/details).

I was hoping we’d get to spend some time with Joe Hill, too, but Joe will be kicking off his signing tour for his new novel, Horns, on the same night at the River Run Bookstore in Portsmouth, NH, where Joe will be signing The New Dead as well. So, add that bookstore to the destination list (can you drive from Framingham to Portsmouth in the signing timeframe? I don’t know!).

  • Anyhoot, Chris Golden has it all detailed on his website — click this link for details on the upcoming signings in your area, as we’re collectively covering a lot of ground!
  • Here’s the present roll call:

    NewDeadSubPresscvrNationwide Signing Event

    On February 16th, 2010, the day The New Dead is released, the majority of the authors who have written stories for the book will be signing in various locations around the country.

    Los Angeles, CA: Max Brooks and Aimee Bender
    6:30-8:30 PM
    Dark Delicacies
    4213 W. Burbank Blvd.
    Burbank, CA 91505
    (818) 556-6660

    Lexington, KY: Derek Nikitas
    7 PM
    Morris Book Shop
    408 Southland Drive
    Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 276-0494

    Atlanta, GA: James A. Moore
    7:15 PM
    Blue Elephant Book Shop
    2091 N. Decatur Rd.
    Decatur, GA 30033
    (404) 728-8955

    Baltimore, MD: Brian Keene
    7 PM
    Barnes & Noble
    1819 Reisterstown Rd.
    Baltimore, MD 21208
    (410) 415-5758

    New York, NY: Jonathan Maberry, David Wellington, MB Homler
    7 PM
    10 Columbus Circle
    New York, NY 10019

    NewDeadzombieillo04Boston, MA (Framingham): John Connolly, Christopher Golden, Stephen R. Bissette, Rick Hautala, and Holly Newstein 7 PM
    Barnes & Noble
    1 Worcester Rd.
    Framingham, MA 01701

    San Antonio, TX: David Liss
    7 PM
    Barnes & Noble
    15900 La Cantera Pkwy
    San Antonio, TEX 78256

  • Here’s the official publisher page for The New Dead, which also sports our collective signings schedule.
  • The New Dead also scored a starred review from Publishers Weekly — here’s the link, scroll down 3/4 of the page.
  • Here’s their review:

    The New Dead Edited by Christopher Golden. St. Martin’s Griffin, $14.99 paper (400p) ISBN 978-0-312-55971-7

    The 19 provocative, haunting, and genuinely unsettling original stories in this zombie anthology move the genre beyond its usual apocalyptic wastelands. David Liss’s novelette “What Maisie Knew” is a stunning and gruesome meditation on the banality of capitalism and evil. Mike Carey’s “Second Wind” is a haunting tale of an undead stockbroker who comes to question whether he ever truly lived. Lovers of more traditional zombie fare will also not be disappointed. Joe Hill’s ingenious “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead” tells a classic slasher film story through Twitter posts, while Jonathan Maberry’s heartbreaking “Family Business” describes a ruined America populated by kindly monks and zombie hunters. This powerful anthology shines a bright and unflinching light on the fears of death, decay, and loss that underpin America’s longstanding obsession with the undead. (Feb.)

    [Note: Those last two images above are the cover and one of the interior illustrations from the Subterranean Press signed limited edition hardcover -- alas, already sold out, and no, I don't have spare copies to offer! -- art by yours truly, color by Ignatz Award-winner Cayetano Garza, Jr.; ©2009 Stephen R. Bissette & Cayetano Garza, Jr.]


    * Also coming in February, from Tor Books, is the launch title of a new line of Heavy Metal ‘fusion’ fiction.

    Kevin Eastman used to be a pal of mine, until Heavy Metal‘s attempt to sell CD-Rom sets of Heavy Metal sans permission or payment of the creators prompted a blowup ending in Kevin ‘exiling’ me from his planet. It’s all water under the bridge, but I’m always curious about what he’s up to as a publisher (special thanks to Mark Masztal for bringing this to my attention this AM). Make your own call on this, but stick with this sleazy trailer to the final frame, folks!

  • io9.com’s Charlie Jane Anders has read the advance copy and writes about it here, “A New Spin On Future Dystopian Noir: Sex-Doll Liberation.”
  • Sinosauropteryx
    Sinosauropteryx dancing for joy? Anyone who ever wondered what color dinosaurs were can dance with ‘em this week! Image: Xing/Getty, art ©2010 Chuang Zhao and Lida Xing

    * Best news of the past week has been the dramatic eruptions of paleontological news.

    Prominent among those announcements for paleo artists and cartoonists was this gem:

  • the first-ever fossil evidence of coloration in dinosaurs — specifically, in this breakthrough research, the Chinese theropod dinosaur Sinosauropteryx.
  • “The team of palaeontologists from the University of Bristol, UK, the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) in Beijing, University College Dublin and the Open University report two kinds of melanosomes found in the feathers of numerous birds and dinosaurs from the world-famous Jehol beds of NE China.

    Melanosomes are colour-bearing organelles buried within the structure of feathers and hair in modern birds and mammals, giving black, grey, and rufous tones such as orange and brown. Because melanosomes are an integral part of the tough protein structure of the feather, they survive when a feather survives, even for hundreds of millions of years.”

    Haplocheirussollers(Right: details of the Haplocheirus sollers fossils. Image: Reuters/Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    This is absolutely staggering news, and truly pioneer work from the paleontologists involved.

  • China keeps yielding incredible fossil finds: among recent reports of interest is the discovery of the bipedal carnivore Haplocheirus sollers, which lived 160 million years ago and currently “the earliest known member of a long lineage that includes birds.”
  • We’ve also recent news of a new dinosaur species similar to Tyrannosaurus rex — fossil remains of an adult specimen and bones from a “teenager” uncovered in New Mexico in 1998, but only recently identified — dubbed Bistahieversor sealeyi.
  • Whew — you’re not going to get any comicbook series named after you with that name!

    One of the paleontologists involved is Thomas Carr, now at Carthage College in Wisconsin, whose studies of tyrannosaurs were mentioned in my own humble comic effort S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant®, including publication of an article by Thomas (see “Jurassic Park: A Dinosaur Critique” by Thomas Carr, Tyrant #2, November 1994, pp. 26-27). Congrats, Thomas, and great to see you making history!

    The article in the January issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology states that the fossils date from approximately 10 million years before Tyrannosaurus rex emerged, though B. sealeyi definitely belongs to the same dinosaur linage as my favorite dino. Also involved in the research were Thomas Williamson, curator of Paleontology at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, among others.


    Adult fossil skull of Bistahieversor sealeyi. Photo: ©2010 David Baccadutre, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.


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    1. mike dobbs

      heavy metal pulps: awesome indeed! All of the elements that will make 15 year-old fanboys clutch their pickle.

    2. srbissette

      Pulp so pulpy, you’ll — passionately pulp your pickle!

    3. Drexell

      So many cliches in that clip I simply lost count. She’s a pleasure model… but, so much more!

      Think I’ll pop my boot of Blade Runner, with gumshoe narration intact, into the player and forget all about Heavy Metal Pulp.

    4. Mark Masztal

      It’s gonna suck.

    5. James Robert Smith

      Since I’m soon to be a Tor author, I’d better learn to be diplomatic.

    6. James Robert Smith

      Re: New Dead. Wish I could have submitted something to that book! The prose version of “The New Ecology of Death” would have been worth a try. Alas!

      It’s amazing that they’ve figured out a way to discover what colors some dinosaurs were! Tremendous news!!!

    7. srbissette

      Get CONFEDERACY OF HORRORS into print in 2010, Bob. It’s your year, and man those stories are STILL fresh.

    8. Mike Dobbs

      Sorry I can’t make your signing, but I’ll be in NYC covering the Toy Fair that day. We need to do a “pulp” project, something pulpier than anyone else. a hardboiled tough, no romance just sex, moist and meaty pulp thing.


    9. BobH

      Oh, man, I’m glad I took your advice and stuck with that Heavy Metal thing right to the end. That’s brilliant.

    10. Steve Weiner

      That’s great about your signing in Framingham, Steve. I’ll try to come by & see you.

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