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“We live in the basements.”

Copper spit.



“I see uniforms.”

I rattle off our names, ranks, branches, service records.

Don’t even have to think about it.

I remember.

“We stay in the basements. Feels safe down there.”

Copper looks at me.

“All of you?”

“All but McFay – McFadyen – we all signed up after 9/11.”

Copper looks hard at me.

I rattle off where we were out of, where we were stationed, where we came back to.

When we were back.

I stop there.

“You did your country proud, kid.”


“No need for language, kid.”

I remember dying in the Baker house basement.

“Nobody cares, nobody.”

Copper shifted in his rocker.

“Didn’t I just say I do?”

“Nobody knows we’re here.”

Copper looks over at the Baker house.

“You got the short end of the stick, kid.”

I remember draining into the floor of the Baker basement.

I remember the cold.

I remember.

Copper spit.

“They didn’t treat us like that back in the day.”

Copper’s voice is hard, cutting.

“I stayed on. Joined the Guard afterwards. The service treated me and mine good. Still do.”

I remember dying in the basement, over there.

I look down.

“You’ve got no pride.”

“We don’t bother anybody.”


I tipped my chin toward what was left of the neighborhood.

“These houses, they’re empty.”

“You’re empty.”

“Old man, you don’t know the half of it.”

- Excerpt from my new short story “Copper” in The New Dead, in bookstores everywhere now…


This Saturday, February 27th, at 2 PM I’ll be in Framingham, MA to sign and celebrate the recent debut of The New Dead, featuring my new short story “Copper.”

I’ll be joining our fearless editor Chris Golden and fellow contributors Holly Newstein and old pal and Little Brothers co-conspirator in crime Rick Hautala at 2 PM at the Framingham, Massachusetts Barnes & Noble (1 Worcester Rd., Framingham, MA 01701, call 508-628-5567 for directions/details).

  • Chris Golden has it all detailed on his website — click this link for details.
  • NewDeadSubPresscvr

    Hope to see some of you in Framingham this Saturday — and if you’re not in our neck of the woods, well, just get your hands on a copy of the book. It’s a solid piece of work, cover to cover.

  • Here’s the official publisher page for The New Dead, which also sports our collective signings schedule.
  • The New Dead also scored a starred review from Publishers Weekly — here’s the link, scroll down 3/4 of the page.
  • Here’s their review:

    The New Dead Edited by Christopher Golden. St. Martin’s Griffin, $14.99 paper (400p) ISBN 978-0-312-55971-7

    The 19 provocative, haunting, and genuinely unsettling original stories in this zombie anthology move the genre beyond its usual apocalyptic wastelands. David Liss’s novelette “What Maisie Knew” is a stunning and gruesome meditation on the banality of capitalism and evil. Mike Carey’s “Second Wind” is a haunting tale of an undead stockbroker who comes to question whether he ever truly lived. Lovers of more traditional zombie fare will also not be disappointed. Joe Hill’s ingenious “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead” tells a classic slasher film story through Twitter posts, while Jonathan Maberry’s heartbreaking “Family Business” describes a ruined America populated by kindly monks and zombie hunters. This powerful anthology shines a bright and unflinching light on the fears of death, decay, and loss that underpin America’s longstanding obsession with the undead. (Feb.)

    [Note: The last illo above is the cover from the Subterranean Press signed limited edition hardcover -- alas, already sold out, and no, I don't have spare copies to offer! -- art by yours truly, color by Ignatz Award-winner Cayetano Garza, Jr.; ©2009 Stephen R. Bissette & Cayetano Garza, Jr.]


    San Papel Anthology Debuts on Saturday!

    San Papel Saturday is Almost Upon Us!

    Tales from San Papel — is a new comics anthology.

    Tales from San Papel — is hot off the presses, and needs your eyes to complete its existence.

    Tales from San Papel — is debuting this weekend at The Silent Barn, a performance space and zine library in Bushwick, Brooklyn (technically Ridgewood, Queens) that’s “pretty popular among the Willamsburg/Bushwick hip crowd. They put on a lot of shows and events (at least two a week!),” according to fellow CCS faculty member, co-teacher and all-around-great-cartoonist Robyn Chapman.

    Here’s the event description:

    Comics 101
    At the Silent Barn University
    Saturday, February 27
    915 Wyckoff Avenue, Queens New York

    4-6pm – Cartooning Workshops hosted by CCS!
    6-8pm – Basement Book-Signing Party! CCS Info Desk and Portfolio Reviews!
    9pm – Rock Show (cover charge applies)

    The Silent Barn is a DIY music venue and zine library just over the the border of Bushwick. Its proprietors have invited CCS to host a night of workshops and book signings. Over a dozen CCS students and alumni will make the long trek to Queens to sell their comics. Faculty members will be on hand to answer questions about CCS, and offer cartooning workshops and portfolio reviews. The workshops and book-signing event is open to the public and free of charge. The night will be capped off with the kind of rock show that only the Silent Barn can deliver.

    CCS’s caravan of cartoonists includes Pat Barrett , Garry-Paul Bonesteel, Jon Chad, Robyn Chapman, Aaron Cockle, Ken Dahl, Sean Ford, Colleen Frakes, Beth Hetland, Nomi Kane, Betsey Swardlick, Mario Van Buren, Jen Vaughn and Emily Wieja — and more!

    They’ll all be there with a lot of new and recent work for sale –

    – and Tales from San Papel.

    For what it’s worth to anyone, I’m in Tales from San Papel, with three full pages of brand-new, never-before-published work written and drawn just for Tales from San Papel.

    More on Tales from San Papel tomorrow!


    Tales from San Papel cover art ©2010 Pat Barrett; “San Papel” excerpt panels Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved.

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    1. Mark Masztal

      See you on Saturday!!!

    2. John Platt

      Man, that’s a disturbing cover. Love the preview of your story.

    3. Mark Masztal

      Let’s hope the snow doesn’t cancel this even too.

    4. Mike Howlett

      We’ll stop by to say hi on Spaltterday!

    5. srbissette

      No snow worries! I’ll be there regardless — as will we all!

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