No, Virginia:

There is No Tyrant Movie…

* Wow. If I’d honestly known so many folks were so open to the dream of a Tyrant movie, I wouldn’t have made that my April Fool’s Day prank here at Myrant. What an overwhelming response! Very gratifying, but what a prat I am to toy with your interest and affections!

While I can’t apologize for fooling so many on April Fool’s Day, I am sorry to have lifted a few spirits and dashed them so — really, I thought the whole premise so ridiculous (given how long Tyrant‘s been off any stage, save the occasional Myrant post and CCS classroom lecture), I really thought everyone would get a hearty laugh at the very idea of it.

For the record, there is no movie underway. Never was. Likely never will be. If that changes, it won’t be announced on April 1st of any year.

Well, let me just say that I do have some dramatic announcements to make in the coming weeks — in fact, this week! — and that they are all true!

That’s my one prank of the year, folks. Promise.

* I posted the first Pigman of Northfield VT sketch at left a couple of days ago, and promised more.

Here’s the deal: back in the summer of 2004, my pal Joe Citro needed a pigman portrait for his new book in progress, Weird New England (2005).

This was one of the many previously unknown and undiscovered ‘weird’ tales Joe ‘broke’ during his career as Vermont’s premiere gatherer of ‘tales that might not be fiction,’ and among his most unusual regional monster tales.

This was a sterling opportunity to deliver something fresh and unusual, but I wasn’t in the high spirits I was when Joe and I collaborated on The Vermont Monster Guide the winter of 2008-2009.

In fact, I was in a bit of a funk about my day job (co-manager of First Run Video, which was wearing me down), I didn’t have a workable studio space (it had becoming a dungheap of my collection and my shit, and was in fact beginning to kill our house, bending the ceiling over our bed!), and I wasn’t feeling much passion for my art as a result. It was neither a refuge nor a pleasure at the time, prior to the life-and-art-invigorating experience my affiliation with the Center for Cartoon Studies has been and still is (and hopefully will be to the end of my days). Thus, though I was eager to work with Joe and the Pigman was a fun subject… well, let’s say it wasn’t one of my more inspired efforts.

While I gave it my all, as I always do, I’m not particularly pleased with the final results (see below), but it was still fun to see it through.

Above: My second pencil sketch/rough, which was closer to the mark. It was what I used to work up the final painted illustration (below), which isn’t one of my favorite pieces of work, let me tell ya, but still — an OK Pigman, all in all.


* Today is my wife Marge‘s birthday, so I’m outta here. It’s her day!

Big news this coming week — really! — with lots of eye candy — and NO April Fool’s.



S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant® is a registered trademark of Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved; Tyrant cover art ©1994-96, 2010 Stephen R. Bissette. Pigman artwork ©2004, 2005, 2010 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved.

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