R.I.P. 1963

Laying Long-Held Hopes to Rest…

No April fooling now (or likely ever again) — I’ve got a number of announcements to make this week, culminating in some big news I hope will interest and excite some of you. These are about a couple of the top-secret projects I’ve been working on the past few years. Before I get into that, though, I’ve something to lay to rest, once and for all. 

* Over the years, folks have repeatedly asked whether there would ever be a collected edition of 1963, the Image Comics series Rick Veitch and I co-created with Alan Moore and collaborated on with Alan, Jim Valentino, Dave Gibbons, John Totleben, Chester Brown and others back in 1993. We’ve been approached by different publishers over the past decade, but it never worked out. After years of various attempts to get such a thing off the ground, Rick and I thought we’d finally see it through for 2010.

Alas, it didn’t work out.

Here’s the wording Rick and I agreed upon on January 13th, 2009. As we’d never publicly announced our plans, there seemed no reason to talk about it at the time — but before this coming weekend (see below), it’s essential that I clear the air:

1963 will never see print in collected form in my lifetime.

“Alan told Rick he was okay with the collection as long as his name was removed and his share of the proceeds were dispersed to the rest of the creators, which is how we were structuring the proposed deal with Dynamite. But when we got to the actual contract process Alan made it clear he did not want any collection at all. Since he held veto power, that was the end of that.”

That’s really it, folks. There’s nothing more to say about 1963 — it’s over.

* Back in 1998, per contractual arrangement with Alan and Rick, we legally divided the 1963 properties.

Per that agreement, I fully own the copyrights and trademarks to the Fury, N-Man and the Hypernaut, and all related characters, concepts and names, including the anthology title Tales of the Uncanny.

I held off doing anything all these years in hopes of the collected edition becoming a reality.

Now that a collected edition of 1963 will never exist, I’m no longer holding back. In fact, I’ve been hard at work collaborating with a team of adventurous creators. We’ve been having some fun with my characters…

Tomorrow: The Return of N-Man, the Fury and the Hypernaut!

CCS at MoCCA, April 10-11

A 5-Day Preview of Things to Come!

  • This coming weekend — Saturday and Sunday, April 10 & 11, 2010 at the 69th Regiment Armory, 68 Lexington Avenue in New York, NY — is the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art MoCCA Fest 2010 (here’s the link with all the detaisl).
  • Per usual, The Center for Cartoon Studies will be there in force — students, faculty, alumni and community members, many debuting brand-new work. For the next six days, I’ll be offering a preview of just some of what will be available at the various CCS and CCS community tables. It’s a literal feast of comix coming up, as bountiful a harvest as we’ve ever seen…

    * Time to bare fang and claw and tear into something worth howling about…

  • Last spring, Nick Patten, José-Luis Olivares, Josh Rosen and others pooled the canine creativity of their compadres and unleashed Werewolf ! – a terrific little anthology of lycanthropic loopiness that remains among my personal fave comix of 2009.
  • I wasn’t alone in being enthusiastic about Werewolf!Rob Clough at The Comics Journal wrote, “Every entry in this anthology felt like it had a purpose, and at 40 pages it was just the right length. With a striking cover (complete with glow-in-the-dark paint), it’s one of the best anthologies to emerge from CCS….”
  • It’s been many a moon since, but the lads and lasses have been busy slinging ink between slurping slabs of fresh-kill meat and sipping blood, and they’ve got a brand-new offering: Werewolf!! debuts this coming weekend.

    Edited by Nick Patten, Josh Rosen, B. Swardlick, and Penina Gal, Werewolf!! promises something substantial to sink your teeth into, thanks to contributions from the editors and Laura Terry, Denis St. John, David Yoder, Mark Bilokur, José-Luis Olivares, Matt Aucoin and yours truly. Check it out!
     * Werewolf!! co-editor and CCS Alumni Penina Gal will also be at the I Know Joe Kimpel table at MoCCA with her latest solo collection, The Rapt Attention and Deep Emotion Caused by the Sight of Something Extraordinary. Penina has gathered a selection of her unique stories from over the past year or so, mixing and matching comics previously published in various anthologies with some brand new material, and it’s a pretty lively blend.

  • If you’re not going to be at MoCCA, as of next week you can pick up your copy of either or both titles directly from Penina (click this link, tell her we sent ya),
  • or over at the I Know Joe Kimpel internet comix store (click this link, start shopping!).
  • * Fellow Werewolf!! contributor, CCS senior (and Native Vermonter) Matt Aucoin has been hard at work, too.

  • While posting weekly installments of his new serialized online comic “Die, Baby, Die!” on his blog/journal (where this week you’ll meet Chiyoko, the heroine of the story, her grandparents, and you’ll see Hisashi getting hugged!),
  • Matt has also wrapped up two issues of DoubleThink in time for MoCCA, in which “thoughts that shouldn’t be thought are quickly unthunk as if never thought at all.” Matt will have issues 8 and 9 of DoubleThink for sale at MoCCA; you can also order issues of DoubleThink via Matt‘s blog (at the link already given, above).

    Don’t think twice, it’s all right!

    * Fellow CCS faculty member Jon Chad has been beguiling us for years now with the many exquisitely rendered pages he’s completed for his current masterwork Bikeman… and as of this weekend, he’s sharing it with the rest of the world.

    It’s a fantasy unlike any other ever conceived or created in which bicycles are sentient beings, lovingly shepherded and tended by a mysterious masked man with an uncanny affinity and bond with all things with wheels, chains, baskets, pedals and seats to sit upon.

    It’s a truly magical work, and I’m overjoyed to announce that Jon is debuting the first-ever published installment of Bikeman this coming weekend — not to be missed!

    Given my bent for all things disturbing, I have to also personally recommend Jon‘s one and only horror minicomic to date, Ruby. It’s a jewel, indeed; Jon crafts his comix and minicomix as art objects in and of themselves, and Ruby‘s singular format expands the storytelling canvas at its climax in a manner that forces you to put your hands to work — and literally open up to the story’s core frisson.

    I’ve already said too much; if you’re at MoCCA, and you love horror comics and comix, make a point of picking up a copy of Ruby!

    Tomorrow: The Preview of MoCCA-bound CCS Comics & Comix Continues!

    1963 is TM and ©1993, 2010 Alan Moore and Rick Veitch, all rights reserved. The Unbelievable N-Man, The Fury and The Hypernaut, and all related characters, concepts and properties are TM and ©1993, 2010 Stephen R. Bissette, by contractual arrangement with the original co-creator; all rights reserved. MoCCA Fest 2010 poster art ©2010 Dash Shaw and MoCCA. All other artwork and titles are TM and ©2009, 2010 their respective creators, posted with permission.  

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    1. Mike Dobbs

      The MOCCA show is THE single comix show truly worth going to in my humble opinion. Cutting edge stuff from great creators. I’m sorry I will miss it but I will be working on my own comix-related secret project that weekend.

    2. John Platt

      I’m extremely saddened and disappointed that there will be no collected 1963, but on the other hand, if the story still isn’t complete, oh well.

      New comics? Count me excited.

      Alas, no MOCCA for me. I used to go every year when I lived outside the city. But I know several CCS folks will be displaying at the Maine Comic Arts Festival next month (as will I), so I’ll have my wallet ready.

    3. Mark Masztal

      No Tyrant movie but I’ll take an N-Man book!!!

    4. James Robert Smith

      As the years pass, my impression of Alan Moore becomes increasingly negative.

      Looking forward to new titles with your characters, wherever they may appear.

    5. srbissette

      They appear THIS WEEKEND, Bob! See Wednesday’s MYRANT post, above…

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