Tales of the Uncanny is Coming!

In December from About Comics!

‘About Comics’ logo TM Nat Gertler; Tales of the Uncanny About Comics logo (for this project only, per arrangement with the publisher) revamped and designed by Mark Bilokur, N-Man portrait by Stephen R. Bissette.

[Right: Cover art by Jay Piscopo and Stephen R. Bissette; cover Design by Katherine Roy.]

Another peek — just a peek! — at the work underway for the upcoming Tales of the Uncanny – N-Man & Friends: A Naut Comics History Vol. 1.

Among the multitude of logos — company logos, pulp cover logos, comicbook cover logos, character logos and more — that the multi-talented Mark Bilokur has been creating for this project, this slightly revised logo for our publisher in this venture is among my favorites.

I drew up three different Naut Comics characters as possible ‘readers’ for our project logo (the other two were The Fury and Queep). Running them past Mark, co-editor Tim Stout, and book designer Katherine Roy, we all agreed the N-Man ‘reader’ portrait worked the best, and with About Comics‘s publisher Nat Gertler‘s kind permission, Mark worked up a surprising variety of variations on this image and the About Comics traditional logo.

It took a bit of back-and-forth with Nat, who was properly sensitive about preserving the key elements of his name-branding of his imprint, but we all settled on what I’m showing you here today.

More to come, as we move closer to solicitation time on this 340+ page book!

Coming in December 2010 from About Comics.

Tales of the Uncanny About Comics logo TM Nat Gertler; The Unbelievable N-Man © and TM Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved. Tales of the Uncanny and The Hypernaut TM and ©1993, 2010 Stephen R. Bissette; cover and art is ©2009 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved.

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