Here it is, my first online art gallery!

Comics, covers, illustrations, comics pages, stories, roughs, thumbnails, sketches, doodles — they’re all here, eye-candy for the indoctrinated, a potential hazard to the uninitiated, spasms of joy, eruptions of agony, an abundance of brainspew blowing open the doors to my inner obsessions, darkest visions and most beloved imaginative realms. Enjoy!

Check in regularly, we will be expanding and updating this gallery at all times.

This is the SR Bissette gallery,

All images are copyright Stephen R. Bissette, except the Saga of the Swamp Thing published pages/images, which are copyright 1983-87 DC Comics, Inc., copyright 2008 DC Comics, Inc., and appear here as promotional samples of my work and for no commercial purposes. All other images are copyrights 2008 Stephen R. Bissette, unless otherwise credited — all rights reserved. Please do not appropriate images for any use without written permission and/or agreement with the artist.

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  1. Mike and Mary

    Late at night, unable to sleep and having exhausted all other interesting websites, including and, I stumbled onto your blog. What is this fanastic work of journalmanship I asked myself. Depth and insight abounded along with pictures of Swamp Thing. I was titalated almost to the brink of titalatedness as I gazed at the explicit pictures of cartoons doing what-not and you-tube movies of additional what-not. With images of what-nots running through my head I drifted off into a restfull slumber dreaming of being titalated by what-nots and stuffed shells forever!!

  2. srbissette

    What? Not?

    Me, I’ve been dreaming the dreams of the Stuffed Shell Fiend!

  3. ghost

    I would have sex with the lines in the swamp thing illustrations.

  4. Jason Hall

    Did you do a cover for “The Shape Under the Sheet?” I have a signed and numbered copy of it with your signature, but I don’t see it on your site. Just want to make sure it’s the real deal.

  5. srbissette

    Jason, I did a sort of extra-wide painted frontispiece thingie for SHAPE UNDER THE SHEET, which is loooooooooong out of print, rare, and (especially if you’re a Stephen King fan) well worth snapping up if and when you can find a copy. Thanks for asking!

  6. Carolyn W-D

    Beautiful work Steve! @ghost ewwwww! Too weird.

  7. J Cresswell

    That Love and Death double splash is just about the prettiest thing ive ever seen in b/w…

  8. cat

    @J Cresswell – agreed!

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