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Apr 2Stan Lee Tells the Truth!
Mar 24Heads Up, Ditko Devotees!
Mar 10Going, Going—GORN!
Feb 10Wrapping Up!
Feb 3Mailing the Muckman & More…
Jan 27Shipping Swamp Muck & Stuff Continues…
Jan 19Up from the Deep…
Jan 12Swamp Thing Sketches Outgoing & Incoming…
Jan 7A Monster-Maker’s Work is Never Done…
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Jan 18N-Man Art Preview, Continued…
Jan 11Frooooont—FACE!


Dec 30Sayonara, Godzilla!
Dec 27Seeing Out 2011…
Dec 16Dangerous When Wet
Dec 8The Only Newt Worth Pondering…
Dec 3In The Swamps…
Nov 24Thanks, Giving… Brains.
Nov 20Taking Root…
Nov 19How to Draw a Man Thing… or Own One!
Nov 17Sepia Thing
Nov 14Master Blaster!
Nov 11Muck Mug Shot
Nov 5Z-Z-Z-Zombie!
Nov 2Something’s… Growing…
Oct 28Soakin’ Saurian
Oct 26…The Wolfman!
Oct 24Frankenstein Meets…
Oct 21Loup Garou!
Oct 13Where Ever You Go, Mi-Go, Too…
Oct 12“Gone, Gone, the Form of Man—
Oct 7Swamp Mug
Oct 4Profiles in Scourage.
Oct 3Profiles in Swampdom
Oct 1…Meets the Wolfman!
Sep 29Frankenstein Meets…
Sep 23Swamp Thing Portrait…
Sep 21Bayou Attitude
Sep 15Whisperer to Whisper in White River Junction VT October 20th!
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Aug 30SpiderBaby Archives: Bissette, Summer 1975
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May 22Celebrating Sparky’s Life…
May 18Mike’s New Business!
May 13You Did It!!!
May 8Sparky’s Dragons
May 5Saturday, May 7th: Free Comics Day Signing Event, Newbury Comics, West Lebanon, NH
May 3Singing in the Brain 12
Apr 30Singing in the Brain 11
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Apr 28Singing in the Brain 9
Apr 26Singing in the Brain 8
Apr 25Singing in the Brain 7
Apr 24Singing in the Brain Easter Sunday (#6)
Apr 22Singing in the Brain 5
Apr 21Singing in the Brain 4
Apr 20Singing in the Brain 3
Apr 19Singing in the Brain 2
Apr 18Singing in the Brain 1
Apr 8Prayer Break
Apr 3Mind Their Bite!
Apr 2Profiles in… Boggage?
Mar 31Cthulhu Dthuudle
Mar 28Oversized Swamp Thing Study/Sketch for Sale…
Mar 18What I’m Doing on Spring Break…
Mar 15Gator Bait
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Feb 13Monster Mentos Needed!
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Jan 21New Sketches for 2011!
Jan 15“Oh the Werewolf, the Werewolf…”
Jan 12Coming Soon! New Bissette Book on Veitch’s Brat Pack®!
Jan 11I Was A Teenage Werewolf… Sketch. That’s What I Was.
Jan 9Teen Rex!
Jan 3“Mrs. Gorgo to You!”
Jan 2Humpy New Year!


Dec 31Oh Captain, My Captain…
Dec 28Two-for-One Patchwork Man!
Dec 26Patchwork Man Redux!
Dec 22Save Him From the Nursing Home!
Dec 20“Wood Rue!”
Dec 16Zombie. Kitty. Prints.
Dec 13Krampus Headquarters!
Dec 12Rising in the Rain
Dec 11“An Itty Bitty Tear Let Me Down…”
Dec 8Zombie. Kitty. Komfy.
Dec 7Last Gasp for Gore & Shriek Original Art!
Dec 6In Praise of Gary Arlington!
Dec 5Gorgo: “The Mother and Child Reunion/Is Only a Motion Away…”
Dec 4Up from the Swamp…
Dec 3Zombie. Rat.
Nov 30The Pig Pack!
Nov 25For Sale: Gargon vs Gummora Sketch!
Nov 22Swamp Thing
Nov 20Zombie. Kitty. Dirt Bed.
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Nov 10My Michael Reeves Portrait, Circa 1977
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Nov 3Who’s in the Barn?
Nov 1“Ooga Booga!”
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Oct 20ZaZooZaZombie!
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Oct 17Zombie, Cheap!
Oct 14“By a Waterfall… I’m Calling You-hoo-hoo-hoooo…”
Oct 11We Want To Eat You!
Oct 6Doofy Thing
Oct 4Cronus Gilman, Esq.
Oct 2Faceless in the Fall!
Sep 28Get This Hairy J.D. Outta My House!
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Sep 24Weekend Sketch Feast! Open Wide…
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Sep 15“Yeaaggghh!”
Aug 25“Wood-Rue!”
Aug 12ALIEN — Mind Its Bite!
Aug 1Mama Gorgo!
Jul 27Celebrating Japanese Monster Movie Madness: A Blast from the Past (circa 1988)
Jul 23The Monster Movie They Never Made!
Jul 22Fly The Fiendly Skies…
Jul 20Ghidrah aka King Ghidorah Soars!
Jul 18Gojira is Coming!
Jul 8How to Draw — and Own — The Demon!
Jul 5Talon-Lickin’ Good!
Apr 30“King of Monster Isle” Chapter 2: Part 1
Apr 29Friday! “King of Monster Isle” Part 2 Begins!
Apr 27This Week! “King of Monster Isle” Part 2 Begins!
Apr 21“How to Make a Monster” – Part 10 (and Final!)
Apr 20“How to Make a Monster” – Part 9
Apr 19“How to Make a Monster” – Part 8
Apr 18“How to Make a Monster” – Part 7
Apr 17“How to Make a Monster” – Part 6
Apr 16“How to Make a Monster” – Part 5
Apr 15“How to Make a Monster” – Part 4
Apr 14“How to Make a Monster” – Part 3
Apr 13“How to Make a Monster” – Part 2
Apr 12“How to Make a Monster” – Part 1
Apr 9“The Short Happy Life of Big Howie” – Part 6 (Fini)
Apr 7“The Short Happy Life of Big Howie” – Part 5
Apr 5“The Short Happy Life of Big Howie” – Part 4
Apr 2“The Short Happy Life of Big Howie” – Part 3
Mar 31“The Short Happy Life of Big Howie” – Part 2
Mar 29“The Short Happy Life of Big Howie” – Part 1
Mar 27The Conclusion of “My Life with the Not-So Famous Monsters of Filmland”!
Mar 26“My Life with the Not-So Famous Monsters of Filmland” – Part 5
Mar 25“My Life with the Not-So Famous Monsters of Filmland” – Part 4
Mar 24“My Life with the Not-So Famous Monsters of Filmland” – Part 3
Mar 23“My Life with the Not-So Famous Monsters of Filmland” – Part 2
Mar 22“My Life with the Not-So Famous Monsters of Filmland” – Part 1
Mar 18“King of Monster Isle” – Part 14
Mar 16“King of Monster Isle” – Part 13
Mar 11“King of Monster Isle” – Part 12
Feb 27“King of Monster Isle” – Part 11
Feb 22“King of Monster Isle” – Part 10
Feb 18“King of Monster Isle” – Part 9
Feb 4“King of Monster Isle” – Part 8
Jan 28“King of Monster Isle” – Part 7
Jan 21“King of Monster Isle” – Part 6
Jan 15“King of Monster Isle” — Part 5
Jan 11“King of Monster Isle” – Part 4
Jan 8“King of Monster Isle” — Part 3
Jan 5“King of Monster Isle” – Part 2
Jan 2“King of Monster Isle” – Part 1


Dec 31HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! “Fashions That Time Forgot!” – 3rd & Final Fashion Tip(sy)
Dec 29“Fashions That Time Forgot!” – 2nd Fashion Tip
Dec 27“Fashions That Time Forgot!” – 1st Fashion Tip
Dec 25“Curious Thing” – Part 11 (Final)
Dec 24“Curious Thing” – Part 10
Dec 23“Curious Thing” – Part 9
Dec 21“Curious Thing” – Part 8
Dec 19“Curious Thing” – Part 7
Dec 17“Curious Thing” – Part 6
Dec 15“Curious Thing” – Part 5
Dec 13“Curious Thing” – Part 4
Dec 11“Curious Thing” – Part 3
Dec 9“Curious Thing” – Part 2
Dec 7“Curious Thing” – Part 1
Dec 4“Crabs” – Part 12 (Fini)
Dec 2“Crabs” – Part 11
Nov 30“Crabs” – Part 10
Nov 28“Crabs” – Part 9
Nov 26“Crabs” – Part 8
Nov 24“Crabs” – Part 7
Nov 22“Crabs” – Part 6
Nov 20“Crabs” – Part 5
Nov 18“Crabs” — Part 4
Nov 16“Crabs” — Part 3
Nov 14“Crabs” – Part 2
Nov 12“Crabs” – Part 1
Nov 10“New Home, New Life” – Panel 3
Nov 9“New Home, New Life” – Panel 2
Nov 7“New Home, New Life” – Panel 1
Nov 2Keep Yer Eyes Peeled!
Oct 31Happy Halloween! The 1st Sketch of 2009…
Oct 29A Farewell Sketch: The Patchwork Man
Oct 27Dangerous When Wet
Oct 25SpiderBaby Sketchbooks: Creek Critters & Such
Oct 23Spooktacular Raffle: Win the Vampire Vine Sketch & Signed VT Monster Guide!
Oct 21Spooktacular Werewolf!
Oct 18A Zombie for Daniel!
Oct 16Halloween: A Cover Rough from the SpiderBaby Archives…
Oct 13Buckle Up for Safety!
Oct 11The Patchwork Man!
Oct 9Oh the Werewolf, the Werewolf…
Oct 7Frankenstein’s Monster
Oct 5Nosferatu!
Oct 3One Last, Weepy-like, Sorrowful Farewell Glance from the Backwoods Brothers… For Now.
Oct 1October Brings the Backwoods Brothers…
Sep 29Backwoods Brother 4 Sale
Sep 27Abby & Swamp Thing
Sep 21New Bissette Art for Upcoming SPX Debut Issue of 4-Square –
Sep 18Mrs. Gorgo to You!
Sep 17Mount Ascutney…
Sep 14Maggot Man!
Sep 12The Demon!
Sep 11Demon Portrait
Sep 8Return of the Swamp Thing Turtle Monster Sketch — For Sale!
Sep 6Mystery Sketch Part 2: Return of the Swamp Thing Monster Art?
Sep 5Mystery Sketches
Aug 29“It Was Easier To Free Her Left Hand…”: Deus-X Original Art
Aug 26Bissette Aliens Art! from Aliens: Havoc #2 (Dark Horse)
Aug 22NECON Bat Original Art
Aug 20GORE & SHRIEK! First-Ever Portrait (circa 1988)!
Aug 18SHRIEK! The 1st Ever Sketch — His 21st Birthday!!!
Aug 14Teen T. Rex!
Aug 12Za-Zoo-ZaZombi!
Aug 10Nosferatu Manic Mug
Aug 81984 Alan Moore Portrait
Aug 6Varney Primal Vampire 2!
Aug 1Cardinal Syn
Jul 25Varney Mask Design Sketch — 3 Varneys for 1!
Jul 23Shed
Jul 20Bigfoot Breakfast!
Jul 17“The Rapture’s Come!”: Deus-X Original Art
Jul 16Creechur Model Sheet
Jul 8Vermonster — Pigman!
Jul 5Zombie — With Child
Jul 3Tyrant Gizzard Original Art: Oviraptor!
Jul 11st Ever Tyrant Original Art for Sale: Brachylophosaurus
Jun 29Mommy’s Commy!
Jun 25Frankenstein’s Monster
Jun 23Phantom of the Opera!
Jun 18Zip the Zombie!
Jun 16Etrigan — The Demon!
Jun 13ARCANE! First of Summer 2009 New Sketches —
Jun 10The Fury Ts!
Jun 8Varnae the Vampire Original Art!
Jun 3Yours for $19.95! (including shipping in the US)
May 26Coming June 1st — Bissette t-shirts!
May 18Taking a Breather…
May 13Alien!
May 10Profiles in Swampdom
May 9Wood-Rue, Rage of the Green –
May 8Rodan! Fly the Fiendly Skies
May 6Kamara, About to Go Down the Hatch…
May 5The Sandman —
May 3Jason Woodrue: The Floronic Man
May 2Kamara! aka The Monkey King!
Apr 29Swamp Mug & The May Day Sale
Apr 28Back from the Dead and Eager to Party –
Apr 24“Rise the Demon, Etrigan!”
Apr 22TONIGHT! “And In This Corner — Kong! The Eighth Wonder of the World! And In This Corner — Godzilla! King of the Monsters!”
Apr 20It Ain’t Easy Being Green…
Apr 18Ouch!
Apr 17He’s Got His Eye On You –
Apr 15We Wee Zombies
Apr 14This Monster Mash Just Found a Home — Today!
Apr 11WIN! Kong vs. Godzilla Sketch — April 24th, Colonial Theater, Keene, NH!
Apr 9Gojira 2! (Godzilla 2!)
Apr 8Gojira! (Godzilla)!
Apr 7Mosura! (Mothra!)
Apr 6Constantine: Coffin Nails…
Apr 5Constantine: “Hold Me”
Apr 4Kid Constantine
Apr 3Constantine
Apr 2Swampy
Mar 29Walking Dead…
Mar 27Catamount!
Mar 26Oh Captain My Captain
Mar 25Original Art — Stinky & Puddles — Combo w/CCS/Bissette Comic!
Mar 23King Kong Versus…
Mar 21You Say Potato, I Say Po-Ta-Toe –
Mar 20A Regal Swamp Thing…
Mar 19Goobah-Goobah Hey, Gill-man!
Mar 16Brain Food
Mar 13Born Again Bogman
Mar 12Pop Top
Mar 11Rodan! Godzilla! Conquer the World!
Mar 10They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara –
Mar 9Big Mossy
Mar 8Schlock Zombie!
Mar 7Young Tyrant
Mar 6Tyrant’s Sibling 1
Mar 5Swampy, All Wet
Mar 4Blast from the Past: Jason’s Zombie #2
Mar 3Blast from the Past: Jason’s Zombie 1
Mar 2You’re on Kandid Kamara!
Mar 1King of Daikaiju Eiga –
Feb 27Red Sky at Morning…
Feb 25Brooding Swamp Thing…
Feb 22Dark Flight
Feb 19Old Swamp Things Never Die…
Feb 13Underwater Rendevous, Final Version
Feb 11Swampy!
Feb 9Big G Blows His Stack –
Feb 7Get a Whiff of Stinky Bob!
Feb 6Stubby T rex Finds a Home
Feb 3I’ve Got My Eye on You –
Jan 30What’s New, Pussycat?
Jan 28“Gone, Gone, the Form of Man –”
Jan 27Red Eye! – Swamp Thing Sketch
Jan 26Swamp Thing Sketch… SOLD!
Jan 24Swamp Thing: Underwater Rendevous
Jan 19VT Threatdown! Bear!!!
Jan 16Pigman!
Jan 14Werewolf!
Jan 9Another Champ Swims to a New Home…
Jan 7Boss Snake!
Jan 5Vermonsters Rule!
Jan 2Champy Found a Home…