My ComicArtFans Gallery!


Haven’t found what you’re looking for here on the Myrant Sketch Store site?

  • If you want to see more Bissette sketches for sale, check over at my gallery page at ComicArtFans — here’s the link!
  • Summer 2009 Policy:

    All brand-new sketches are posted for sale here at Myrant first.

    After their debut two-three days on the Myrant new work gallery site (top of the home page), prices go up slightly and the work is then posted for sale to the Myrant Sketch Store and my gallery at ComicArtFans for wider viewing/access to those who don’t frequent Myrant.

    New Bissette artwork and eye candy is posted regularly — enjoy!

    Swamp Thing is © and TM DC Comics, Inc.; artwork ©2009 SR Bissette, all rights reserved.

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