“Bring In Yer Dead!”

Rare Night of the Living Dead™ Bissette Art Print On Sale—For a Limited Time!

Ring In The New Fear!

Well, time to wrap up 2013—so, I’ve cooked up something special for this home stretch of the year. Let me turn on the huckster machine…

You can now purchase up to FIVE of my art prints, including the two rare Limited Edition FantaCon 2013 signed prints, at a year’s-end special pricing!

For a very limited time only, the SpiderBaby Store is offering the last copies of the Limited Edition 18″ x 12″ Night of the Living Dead™ FantaCon 2013 art print featuring artwork by Stephen Bissette—authorized and produced by a one-time collaboration between Image Ten, Inc., FantaCo Enterprises and Zero-Day Releasing, and available now exclusively from the SpiderBaby Store, signed by the original Night of the Living Dead™ cast members John Russo, Russ Streiner, Judy O’Dea, Kyra Schon, George Kosana and Judith Ridley—and yours truly, artist S.R. Bissette!

You can purchase it now at a stand-alone, just-the-print year’s end special price, or you can dive in for more horrific art prints by Bissette at even deeper discounts in combination with this signed Night of the Living Dead™ print collectible, concocted back in the summer/fall of this year to celebrate the film’s 45th anniversary!

And I’ve put together three ways to get your signed print, solo or with bonus bogeyman goodies:

The special end-of-year pricing ends on January 2nd, 2014, at midnight.

This is a special one-time offer—once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This was pulled together with FantaCo founder Tom Skulan and Zero-Day Releasing honcho Jim Cirronella and there’s a very limited quantity of prints.

Above: Night of the Living Dead™ co-producer and co-star (as Johnny) Russ Streiner signed the prints in person at FantaCon 2013; photo ©2013 FantaCo Enterprises, Inc., used with permission. 

Below: Here’s a peek at the full-color FantaCo 2013 Bissette art print, now available for a limited time only!


NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD™ & © Image Ten, Inc. All Rights Reserved; NOTLD artwork and print © Stephen R. Bissette and Image Ten, Inc.


And coming soon: A new S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant® full-color signed & limited print, in collaboration with the great Charles Forsman! It’s coming…

S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant® is a registered trademark of Stephen R. Bissette; all rights reserved. Artwork ©2013 Stephen R. Bissette, colors and digital production by Charles Forsman.

“They’re Getting Closer—

—Look! There’s One Now!”

They’ll be here on Monday!

Stay tuned!

“They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara!”

…and they’ll be here soon!

Stay tuned!