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Secret Origins of John Constantine Totleben Reminds Me Of Another Inspiration… John Totleben reminded me in September 2012, and again in a phone conversation this month, that we always forget to cite one of the key pop touchstones that led us to “cast” Sting in Saga of the Swamp Thing. That led to Alan Moore [...]

WaP! #7: The Penultimate Issue The Forgotten Activist Prozine Continued: Part 16 WaP! #7 was comparitively modest 20-page issue, with no postdate (the issues were now mailed in a flat envelope). This issue sported my one and only WaP! cover art (above), caricaturing the leaked memo from Texan comics retailer Buddy Saunders. As a lifelong fan [...]

WaP!: The Self-Publishing Issue The Forgotten Activist Prozine Continued: Part 15 WaP! #6 was a fat 28-page issue, postdated October 24, 1988 on my copy. The lead feature was a concise, to-the-point overview of the logistics of self-publishing in principal and practice by none other than Dave Sim. It’s still an essential read, and a call [...]

WaP!: “Alan Moore: A Letter from England” The Forgotten Activist Prozine: Part 10 Alan Moore was at the heart of the controversies that prompted the creation of WaP!, but Alan never really involved himself in collectivist ventures. And believe you me, I tried: the creator rights activism was very important to me at the time [...]

Star Trek, Balloons, & Scotland Yard Intrigues Also: Celebrating John Constantine’s 25th Birthday On a whim, I posted three Bissette Star Trek monster sketches for sale with rare, still-in-the-shrinkwrap collectible Star Trek Peter Pan Records 45 RPMs (1979) on Facebook over the weekend, and one of ‘em sold: a color Horta sketch, with record. Above is [...]