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Of Aliens & Star Wars Dave Dorman, Steve Bissette on Star Wars, Aliens: Tribes, & How Aliens: Kick the Can Kicked the Can I’ll be posting a batch of all-new zines and items to the SpiderBaby Store this afternoon, then we’re hunkering in and down for Hurricane Sandy. Today, it seemed appropriate to clear the [...]

Mind Their Bite!

ALIEN — Mind Its Bite!

Still Stolen Art: Last Gasp Stole My Cover Painting! [Note: As of April 2010, Last Gasp has found and returned the artwork -- read on, below, for an update!] ____ This cover painting is so odious, so horrific, that I have to post it with a major warning. The problem with such a warning is [...]

SpiderBaby Sketchbooks: For the Birds! Sketches from my CCS Trips to VINS Every fall, I take my current Center for Cartoon Studies Drawing Workshop I class to the nearby Vermont Institute of Natural Science — VINS — for a special sketching session with some of the raptors VINS shelters. Want to find out more about [...]

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