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Bissette at Virginia Commonwealth University!

CCS Workshop Rocks! Glad I Took This One as a Student… Above, below: Sketches done on Monday night as homework to ‘pitch’ two of my workshop story concepts. ©2013 Stephen R. Bissette ____ I’ll write and share more about this for the Center for Cartoon Studies Schulz Library blog, but I have to note on [...]

Swamped!!! Muck Men, Movie Art, Cartoonist Studio Contest, & Melanie’s Mountain Trek Amid sketching endless Swamp Thing heads, slinging ink, slapping graphite onto board, writing, teaching, and shipping SpiderBaby Store orders out daily, I’ve been doing interviews for various book projects and introductions, and I’ve been giving interviews of late, too. Rich Handley posted this [...]

Tally Ho! A Few Thoughts on My (Brief) Return to the Convention Trail Time for a little followup on the Cincinnati Comic Expo and my Ohio week away. I just last week finished all my September bookkeeping, and tallying up the month, including Cincinnati Comic Expo and my trip to Ohio, just in terms of [...]

Alphabet of Zombie Print Debuts at October Spooktacular & Comic Boom!