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Temples of Terror SRB Online, In Print & On the Board Still shipping free Swamp Thing sketches hither and yon to the lucky folks who jumped aboard the SpiderBaby Store test marketing earlier this month. I won’t be posting all the sketch scans—after all, the repetition of mossy mug shots isn’t that rich in variety—but [...]

Boffo Bicentennial Beast Bash! How Godzilla, Megalon, Gigan, and Jet Jaguar Became a Boxoffice Bonanza in ’76, Part 4 Coming on the hairy heels of the PG-rated The Giant Spider Invasion—with its rural adulterers, alcoholics, near-incest (a woman hitting on her teen sister’s beau, a brother-in-law hitting on the same scantily-clad teen sister, etc.), the [...]

Still MIA on DVD!!! Among the Missing: Nest of the Cuckoo Bird (1965) Back in July, I posted about a “mystery movie” that I’ve a hankering to see someday before I’m gone, and the mystery of its maker, one Bert Williams. “No, Not That Bert Williams…” shared with y’all everything I know—which isn’t too damned [...]

Hate Movies Redux LeRoi Jones/Amiri Imamu Baraka’s Dutchman, Coda; Hate Movies, Part 12 Being a potpourri of images, quotes, and links that relate to, summarize and/or surround the essay installments I’ve posted to date… * What happened—and why these plays and films I’ve been talking about are so damned important—is that the forgotten gems like [...]