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Zom-bee Luv Kit-tee

Special thanks to Colleen Frakes for pulling this poster and a press release together. See some of you on Saturday!

Going, Going – One More Day for Stumptown! [Tales of the Uncanny Preview Edition at Stumptown, Table 3B. Below: The display at table 3B -- and that's just a portion of the CCS presence at the show. Photos ©2010 Colleen Frakes, posted with permission. Thanks, Colleen!] * Update from Stumptown (see yesterday’s post for details): [...]

Hype on Hypernaut, More! Friday Updates, Info, Teasers [The Hypernaut and Queep as rendered by Jay Piscopo! This was Jay's initial, unsolicited Hypernaut image, which led to my immediate invite to Jay to join this project, which he thankfully did. We even jammed on one cover image, which appears in the Tales of the Uncanny [...]

N-Man, Fury, Hypernaut, Solo Hit Stumptown! Updates, Reviews (!), Teasers [Cover art by Stephen R. Bissette, photo by Katherine Roy, posted with permission. Tales of the Uncanny, N-Man, Comrade Cockroach TM and ©1993, 2010 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved.] * Thanks to Colleen Frakes, the limited edition signed pack of the Tales of the [...]