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Things of the Past John, Volsted, Vargo & Herbert, & the Vagaries of Painting the Gillman I’m re-reading John Russell Fearn (aka Volsted Gridban aka Vargo Statten)’s THE GENIAL DINOSAUR (1954), having finished a re-read of its predecessor A THING OF THE PAST (1952; covers above); this is old dinosaur science-fiction that was completely new [...]

Of Aliens & Star Wars Dave Dorman, Steve Bissette on Star Wars, Aliens: Tribes, & How Aliens: Kick the Can Kicked the Can I’ll be posting a batch of all-new zines and items to the SpiderBaby Store this afternoon, then we’re hunkering in and down for Hurricane Sandy. Today, it seemed appropriate to clear the [...]

Katie Moody on “The Death of Print” Informative ICAF 2011 Lecture Ponders Past, Present, & Future of Print We’re hearing and reading daily about “the death of print,” and I’ve been biting my tongue, for a multitude of reasons. Thankfully, others haven’t. Consider, if you will, the following excellent overview on the subject from Center [...]

Package Deal, One Week Only! 3-for-1 Price, 1987 Godzilla Project Conceptual Sketch Art

Five Heads Are Better Than One? Blast from the Past Will Blast the Future! FYI, some of the critters I designed when working on the 1987 Dark Horse Godzilla project remain my property—and this is one of ‘em. You’ll be seeing this monster again in 2012, folks! ©1987, 2011 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved. [...]