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Vintage Bissette Movie Poster Art Blasts from the Past Courtesy of the Booz Art Gallery! I’ve written at length in the past about my years at Johnson State College and my JSC pals, including Dave Booz. Dave and I have stayed in touch over the years, and Dave just this weekend emailed me these photos [...]

That Old Gang O’Mine! Fred Esposito Pix from 1975-76… Amid gathering images for the Myrant web page forever dedicated to the memory of our late, beloved friend Mark “Sparky” Whitcomb, some of my old Johnson State College classmates have been sending some amazing photos from our years together at JSC and the summer visits in [...]

Mark ‘Sparky’ Whitcomb on the Dibden Stage — well, on the Dibden Stage atop the shoulders of unicyclist and fellow Subhuman Dave Booz! From the Johnson State College stage production Obysseus, a potpourri of theatrical oddities, performances, dance and music, 1976; photo compliments of Dave and Brenda Booz, ©1976, 2009 Dave Booz, posted with permission. [...]

Putting on the Ritz Spent the day yesterday — and will spending today — at last getting my CCS office set up and functional. First, though, I tidied up the senior’s studio, which meant picking up lots of empty beverage containers; I don’t drink coffee, but if I did, the cup of calcified and molded [...]

Moving Day, Conclusion Dave hit the water. Waning sunlight caught the spray from his plunge. There were colors: blue, green, brown, red. With the crack of flesh striking water (and what else?), sweat broke on my forehead and lip, I shivered — and then Dave was gone, out of sight. ___ To make a long [...]

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