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WaP!: The Self-Publishing Issue The Forgotten Activist Prozine Continued: Part 15 WaP! #6 was a fat 28-page issue, postdated October 24, 1988 on my copy. The lead feature was a concise, to-the-point overview of the logistics of self-publishing in principal and practice by none other than Dave Sim. It’s still an essential read, and a call [...]

WaP!: 50 Years of Superman & Such The Forgotten Activist Prozine Continued: Part 12 Backtracking a bit, to pick up the chronology of this retrospective: WaP! #4 was another 24-page issue, postdated July 28, 1988 on my copy. The lead feature was a momentous overview of the legal and ethical legacy of Superman and its [...]

Equinoxes & Eclipses Waxing & Waning Memories Photo ©1995, 2013 Gerhard Hey, that’s me, in 1995, at the Spirits of Independence S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant® booth, in front of a banner Cindy Leszczak created (with my fabric-painted Tyrant T. rex prominent) for my convention and trade show appearances. I was shooting for the moon, baby! Last month, [...]

We’re All Big Boys More on Steve Ditko, & the New Cottage Industries I’ll open today’s installment of this multi-part essay (which will, with its next chapter, move into fresh discussion of the Marvel vs. Kirby judgment of August 2011, and relevant issues) with a statement from The Creativity of Ditko editor/packager Craig Yoe. Craig [...]

Dave Sim on Teen Angels Cerebus TV Takes on Teen Angels… With special thanks today to Oliver Simonsen, I’m sharing the latest episode (Episode 87) of Cerebus TV/SimTeeVee (air date November 18, 2011), in which Dave Sim offers his own initial reaction to, and illustrated addendum to, my latest book, Teen Angels & New Mutants: [...]